How CIPP Sewer Line Repair Can Enhance Your Property's Long-Term Stability

Damaged pipe line

CIPP (Cured-In-Place) pipe repair is a trenchless technology that allows piping companies to repair or replace deteriorating or damaged pipes without digging up the ground. At E.R. Services, we recommend this to most of our clients because of its numerous benefits. It is more cost-effective and time-friendly. It also helps enhance the property's stability in

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What Causes Foul Odors from Drains?

Person near a drain pinching his/her nose

If bad-smelling plumbing is a problem at your Charlotte-area property, a call to E.R. Services is definitely in order. Our crew has in-depth experience dealing with these types of unpleasant plumbing issues, and we often find they can be attributed to one or more of the following causes. Food Waste Your property's drains and sewer

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How Long Do Underground Pipes Last?

Open-trenched view of underground pipe lines

The lifespan of underground pipes varies significantly. Conditions factoring into the longevity of any underground product include use, soil conditions, and the type of material used. Besides that, the quality of installation and maintenance also matter. Below, we take a close look at the various factors that affect underground pipe longevity. Corrosion and Chemical Damages

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