Charlotte Plumbering Advice: Are You Maintaining Your Water Heater Properly?

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How to Maintain Your Water Heater

Do you ever worry that something might go awry with your water heater? Are you educated on how to properly maintain your water heater? Many homeowners and business owners are not aware that with a few simple steps, they can maintain their own water heaters. With some tips from us at ER Services, you can answer the question: Are you maintaining your water heater properly?

5 Steps to Maintaining Your Water Heater

Here is a list of five steps you can perform on your water heater to maintain it yourself. First, TURN THE POWER OFF on the water heater using your circuit panel.

  1. Inspect the anode rod
    1. After draining some water out of the drain cock, loosen the hex bolt on the rod
    2. If the rod is less than ½” thick or has a coating of calcium build up, it is time to replace it
  2. Test your temperature-pressure release valve (TPR valve) on the water heater
    1. Do this by opening the valve on the side of the tank with a bucket under.
    2. Allow some water to come out. If it continues running, the TPR valve needs replaced. If it stops, the valve is working properly.
  3. Drain the water from the tank
    1. Drain all of the water from the drain cock on the water heater
    2. Open the cold water supply valve to stir the sediment in the tank. Drain it again and repeat to clear all sediment
    3. Close up the drain cock and refill the water heater tank.
  4. Inspect and set the temperature
    1. Temperature dial casement is on the side of the tanks
    2. Use a flat screwdriver to set the temperature dial to 120 degrees
  5. Insulate the pipes and water heater
    1. Place pipe insulation around the hot and cold water pipes
    2. Use insulation approved for use on water heaters and cut holes for the TPR valve and other parts

Unsure You Can Maintain Your Water Heater Properly?

If you aren’t sure you are confident enough to maintain your water heater, you may want to consider calling a professional plumber. ER Services is here and happy to help you with a simple maintenance call. Our skilled plumbing technicians can perform maintenance and repairs quickly and efficiently and even provide you with information about tankless water heaters as well. Give us a call if you need more answers to the question: "Are you maintaining your water heater properly?"

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Article Summary

Quick question & answer: How can I maintain my water heater?

To maintain your water heater, first turn the power off on the water heater using your circuit panel. Then, inspect the anode rod. Test your temperature-pressure release valve (TPR valve) on the water heater. Drain the water from the tank. Inspect and set the temperature. Insulate the pipes and water heater. 

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