World Water Day

World Water Day

world water dayBy understanding more on the environmental challenges others face around the globe, we can become more effective in safeguarding our own natural environment. Clean water access is a topic of great importance and it’s this topic that has been a founding consideration in the creation of World Water Day.

Now, as we get set to celebrate World Water Day again on March 22nd, our team highlights the value of World Water Day and what you can do to get involved in water conservation work.

World Water Crisis

The latest research shows that by 2030, the world will only have 60% of the water required to meet the basic needs of those around the globe. This highlights the importance of conserving water in meeting the requirements of those living in water-deprived nations. Part of the reason behind this increasing lack of water can be explained by climate change.

As once thriving natural habitats experience less rainfall, those living in the region are facing limited water access. World Water Day highlights these crises around the globe and focuses on the latest innovations designed to respond to the challenge, including the refinement of wastewater and campaigns to conserve already available water resources.

Your Role in Water Conservation

As a property owner, you have an important role to play on World Water Day and throughout the year in reducing your water use. To help guide you as you reduce your water use and commit to environmentally effective practices in your home, we offer the following tips:

Charlotte water conservation efforts, save waterLimit use of the faucet

A common area in which homeowners over-use water is at their kitchen sink. To avoid water waste, make sure you turn the faucet off in between washing dishes.

Only use the dishwasher when full

If you’re using a dishwasher to clean your home dishes, make sure you only use the system when it’s full. Each cycle can use 6 or more gallons of water.

Limit your showers

Showers are one of the leading causes of water overuse in the home. And so it’s important that you avoid spending 15 minutes and more in the shower. A simple 5-to-10-minute shower can help you conserve considerable water resources in the home.

Need a Charlotte Plumber to Help You Go Green?

Our trusted home plumbing team is here to guide you on reducing your water use! To discover more on the looming water crises around the globe and what you can do to support your local environment, call our Charlotte, NC team today at 704-846-5371.

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Quick question & answer: What can I do to save water on World Water Day?

You can help with water conservation on World Water Day by limiting use of your faucet. Make sure you turn the faucet off in between washing dishes. Only use your dishwasher when full since each cycle can use at least 6 gallons of water. Limit yourself to 5-to-10-minute showers to conserve considerable water resources in your home.

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