Bathroom Addition Charlotte Plumbing Basics

If you’re adding a bathroom to your home, you’ll want to make sure you know the Charlotte plumbing basics that govern a new bathroom addition. Adding a bathroom may seem like a simple job, but there are several complicated sides to this fun and interesting DIY job.

Doing a Bathroom Addition the Right Way – Doing the Job to Code

The most important thing to keep in mind when you are adding a bathroom is that everything has to be done to code. That means you’ll need to:

  • Draw up a blueprint of your planned bathroom addition
  • Get the space and plans approved by an inspector
  • Have the inspector out after the job is done to approve the work

If you don’t do things according to code, you’ll have problems when your plumbing acts up or you try to sell the house.

Common Bathroom Addition Challenges

When adding a bathroom, you’ll want to watch out for the following issues:

  • Wiring Issues – Make sure you know what you’re doing when dealing with electricity. A mistake can be fatal.
  • Pipe angle Issues – If the pipes are not angled properly, you won’t get good draining or flow, which can result in backed up plumbing and some nasty reworking of the job after you’ve already walled everything in.
  • Positioning issues – Make sure you position the toilet, sink, shower, or tub so it all connects properly with the rest of the plumbing system in the house.
  • Demand – Make sure your existing plumbing system can handle the additional demand on the water pipes, sewer pipes and hot water heater.

Bathroom Addition Tips

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