Charlotte HOAs: Call E.R. Plumbing for Community Clubhouse Winterization

Charlotte Winterization

In the summer, you love your local neighborhood pool and clubhouse. It’s a meeting place and a spot to enjoy neighbors and friends. But when the colder months roll around, it’s all too easy to forget about the clubhouse til spring. However, much like your homes, a community clubhouse needs to be prepared for the season – especially because it may be largely unoccupied and therefore susceptible to damage that may go unnoticed for weeks or months.

You should speak to your Homeowners Organizations immediately about winterizing your clubhouse. Pool bathrooms or changing room pipes should either be insulated or blown out – ideally both. The water main should be turned off, as should individual fixtures.

If there is a fountain or water feature, a professional will be able to appropriately drain and configure it to survive winter. Additionally, interior spaces should be heated to a minimum of 55 degrees so as not to let pipes behind walls freeze. Many clubhouses also have sprinkler/irrigation systems to keep landscaping looking fresh. These systems also need to be blown out and prepared for winter weather.

While this all may sound like a straightforward task, it is best to hire a professional to attend to your community winterizing needs. As people who specialize in a wide array of commercial and residential plumbing and basic winterizing needs, ER Plumbing is equipped to take care of your entire clubhouse and ensure a safe winter. Our tried and true winterization checklist will get everything done quickly, correctly, and safely every time.

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Quick question & answer: How can I work with my HOA to winterize our clubhouse?

First, speak to your HOA about winterizing your clubhouse. Pool bathrooms or changing room pipes should be insulated or blown out. The water main and individual fixtures should be turned off. A professional should drain any water features. Interior spaces should be heated to at least 55 degrees to prevent interior pipes from freezing. Prepare irrigation systems for winter.

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