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2020 Guide to Hands-Free Plumbing for Businesses

2020 Guide to Hands-Free Plumbing for Businesses With the rapid spread of Covid-19, it’s important to do our part to limit our actions to reduce its transmission. If someone sneezes on their hand and then reaches for the faucet handle to wash away their germs, an unsuspecting person who then comes into contact with that

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Touchless Plumbing Solutions: A Way to Offer Hands-Free Sanitation in Your Restaurant, Business, Mall or School as You Re-Open Your Business

open business safely covid plumbing

Re-Open Your Business Safely As businesses begin to re-open in the midst of COVID-19, keeping patrons safe is a priority. Since the coronavirus can spread through contact, touching seemingly harmless surfaces could prove dangerous. The virus can survive on surfaces for multiple days, meaning that a large number of people have the potential to come

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Coronavirus Help: Charlotte Delivery of Groceries and Essentials to the Elderly

Corona Virus Help for Elderly in Charlotte NC

Charlotte Coronavirus Support With the Coronavirus upon us, we know these are difficult times, and many of our more mature folks need to stay self-isolated at home and yet may be in need of delivery of groceries or essentials. Here at E.R. Services, we'd like to help. If you are in need of assistance, contact

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How to Sell a Home With Water Damage

Charlotte plumber water damage solutions

How to Sell a Home With Water Damage You’ve prepared to sell your home and then a disaster strikes — your basement floods, your roof decides it has seen its last days, or your water heater goes kaput. What do you do? Are all hopes of a successful home sale off the table? While this

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How to Choose a New Toilet

How to choose a toilet

How to Choose a New Toilet When it comes to designing your home, one of the forgotten, yet very important aspects, is picking out a toilet. Various commodes work to accommodate a wide array of individuals’ needs. For efficiency’s sake, 1.6 gallons per flush is the standard all toilets in the United States are currently

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2020 Smart Plumbing Advances Every Homeowner Should Check Out

2020 smart plumbing smart shower

2020 Smart Plumbing Advances Every Homeowner Should Check Out With smart home trends growing by the minute, by 2020 there are connected products for nearly every corner of your smart home. Security, lighting, cooking, cleaning and entertainment are all voice-enabled. Smart plumbing is also evolving along with the rest of popular smart home products. There's

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Top 10 Most Viewed Blog Posts of 2019

Charlotte plumbing issues

Top 10 Most Viewed Blog Posts of 2019 Plumbing issues are bound to happen. To help prepare you for when they do, we have compiled our most viewed blogs of 2019 below. These articles provide tips, tricks and advice for a variety of plumbing situations. Have fun reading! 1. Drained and Confused If your dishwasher

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Why is Mold Dangerous?

mold health problems lung disease

Why is Mold Dangerous? Mold exists as a class of fungus found in nature, but also is commonly found in homes due to damp conditions.  It’s nasty stuff, and ignoring it can lead to serious health problems. It’s important to understand what mold is, what types of mold exist, and why mold is dangerous to

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What Do Crime Scene Restoration Crews Do?

crime scene restoration services Charlotte

What Do Crime Scene Restoration Crews Do? Many people don’t know what crime scene restoration crews do until the unfortunate day when they need one – after a traumatic event such as a break in, a death, or a natural disaster. Basically, if you’ve got a mess related to a crime, traumatic experience, or a

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