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Garbage Disposals: How to keep them running

Garbage Disposal By E.R. Services of Charlotte, NC Garbage disposals, or food waste disposals, are a handy appliance to own if you cook at home and have a lot of food waste.  It is a convenience like no other to be rid of leftovers from plates, pans and other dishes with the flip of a

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Drain Cleaning S(t)inks (Charlotte Drain Cleaning Tips)

Charlotte Drain Cleaning Tips Most people never really consider the life of their pipes or how much this integral household system caters to your civilized lifestyle. That is until something goes wrong. We panic; we pull the cob webs off the plunger; and we poke it aimless in the direction of the problem. Honestly, most

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Charlotte Plumbers Teach Homeowners about Signs of a Leaky Pipe

Signs of a Leaky Pipe When leaky pipes turn into damaged dry wall and mildew, it’s already too late. Your problem has gone from just plumbing to remodeling. Before a crack in your pipes cracks you up, read through the simple questions below, memorize them, or save them for future reference. Your wallet and sanity,

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