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Clubhouse Winterizing Guide for Homeowners Associations

Charlotte clubhouse winterizing

Clubhouse Winterizing Guide for Homeowners Associations Every January we get hammered with calls from HOAs because of poor clubhouse winterizing. Pipes burst and water damage results, much of which could be avoided if proper precautions were taken in autumn. Share this article with your apartment complex or neighborhood HOA and prevent costly damage to your

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Why So Many Water Main Breaks in Charlotte? Pipe Materials Matter

No pipes last forever, but some pipes last longer than others. Here in Summer of 2018, we are seeing a higher number than usual water main breaks in Charlotte. Why? Because pipe materials matter, and a lot of the homes on Charlotte are hitting the limits of the pipe materials with which they were equipped.

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Charlotte Hydrojetting for Storm Lines and Sewer Systems

Charlotte hydrojetting, professional hydro jetter for drain cleaning

“Hydrojetting” sounds a bit intimidating, doesn’t it? If you’re picturing powerful jets of water pushing through a water line to clear out blockages...well, you’re right. Hydrojetting is basically the Hulk of drain cleaning. Read on to find out how Charlotte hydrojetting services work, what equipment is used, and when it’s necessary. How Does Hydrojetting Work?

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Why Are Charlotte Homeowners Investing in Plumbing Pipe Replacement?

Let’s get this straight: no sane homeowner wants to pay for pipe replacement before it is absolutely necessary. Repiping a home is a big job. However, if you discover your plumbing is subpar, you will need to make this investment for the safety and health of your family. Before you even consider such a project,

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Charlotte Plumber Advice: Five Reasons ER Plumbing is Prepared to Handle Big Commercial Plumbing Jobs

Commercial Plumbing Contractors in Charlotte NC E.R. Plumbing specializes in getting you up and running quickly and safely. That’s why it’s our motto. And you don’t have to have a residential plumbing system to retain our services – we can also manage BIG commercial plumbing jobs! Some of the most common emergencies are our specialties.

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Take Advantage of North Carolina Commercial Water Heater Rebates

If you’ve got a commercial water heater, it’s consuming approximately eleven percent of your energy load in your commercial facility. Want to save your business money? Upgrade that old water heater to a high-efficiency heater before the end of 2013. You’ll: Save energy Save money Get a great rebate Get a New Commercial Water Heater

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