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Why Are My Cold Water Faucet Filters Clogged?

faucet filters clogged with little beads

Why Are My Cold Water Faucet Filters Clogged with Small Yellow and Orange Balls? If your water faucet aerators are clogged (and the water is coming out slowly), you may be surprised when you replace the filters to find tiny colored balls inside the filter. What are these little colored beads and why are they

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Water Tastes Funny? Find Out Why

water tastes funny Charlotte

Water tastes funny? That’s no joke. If your water tastes a little off, you need to find out why and get a solution in place, pronto. The following are several common reasons your water might change in taste. If it’s only a problem with the hot water... … then you probably have a problem with

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The Problem with Galvanized Steel Pipes in Older Houses

drain maintenance tips, how to keep drains clean, need a drain uncloggged Charlotte

Was your home built before 1960? If so, there’s a good chance you’ve got galvanized steel pipes, and that means trouble about now. That’s because galvanized steel pipes—steel pipes that were coated with zinc to delay rusting— are now past their prime. The zinc coating has worn off, and the steel pipes are corroding, causing

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Sensor Faucets and Hands-free Flush Valves

Charlotte hands free sinks

Have you heard about the latest in kitchen plumbing technology: sensor faucets and hands-free valves for both residential and commercial kitchens and bathrooms? Residential and Commercial Sensor Faucets Have you ever wished you could turn water on or off with a wave of your hand? You’re in the middle of cooking dinner, and your hands

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Monthly Appliance Maintenance Check List

Charlotte appliance service, Charlotte plumbers appliance maintenance

You rely on your appliances every day. Your trusty dishwasher keeps you from laboring over those pots and pans, and you don't know how your great grandparents survived without a washer and dryer. The fridge lets you stock up on groceries once a week and the freezer holds everything from your favorite ice cream to

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Don’t Wait Until Your Drains Are Backed Up: Drain Maintenance Tips

drain maintenance tips, how to keep drains clean, need a drain uncloggged Charlotte

Turn on the shower and take a look at the drain. Is the water draining slowly, or is it going down quickly, as it should? Take it from experienced plumbers: you don't want to wait until your drains are backed up. Take action. Use these drain maintenance tips to keep your drains flowing smoothly and

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How to Identify and Prevent Refrigerator Leaks

refrigerator leaks, prevent fridge leak, water line leak

Everybody likes the fridge. Who wouldn’t have a soft spot for the workhorse appliance that keeps our milk cold and our ice cream frozen? Of course, we also rely a lot on refrigerators, so when there’s a problem with it, things can go downhill quickly. Read on to find out what can cause a refrigerator

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Basic Dishwasher Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Charlotte dishwasher maintenance, install a dishwasher Charlotte

Basic Dishwasher Maintenance Tips Every Homeowner Should Know In order to keep your dishwasher running properly and your kitchen from overflowing with those dirty dishes, here are some important hints to help you out. How to Clean and Deodorize Your Dishwasher Believe it or not, dishwashers need cleaning, too! Have you noticed an unpleasant stench

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The Definitive List of What You Can and Cannot Put Down the Garbage Disposal

list what you can put down garbage disopsal, list of things you cannot put down garbage disposal

Charlotte Plumbers Beg You to Never Put These Things Down the Garbage Disposal! We've all had this discussion before: "Is it okay to put this (vegetable peels, chicken bones, actual garbage) down the garbage disposal?" You debate back and forth, and finally your well-meaning friend or relative stuffs the item in question down the disposal

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Charlotte Plumbing Tricks: 4 Ways to Prepare your Home for Holiday Guests So You Don’t Have to Call in a Plumber

Charlotte plumbing company

Plumbing Tricks You Need to Know Worried about clogged toilets? A garbage disposal that smells bad or gunks up? Limited hot water? A dishwasher that doesn’t reliably drain? Follow these simple tips to prepare your home for the holidays. We’re open on Christmas (and fully staffed, too!), so we’ve got you covered. However, we’d love

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