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Types of Water Filtration Systems

well water to city water cost

What Type of Filtration System is Best? Have you considered investing a water filtration system but aren’t sure which one to purchase? Below is information on the different types of water filtration to help you make an informed decision. Activated Carbon Filter Carbon filtering is a processing technique that, using chemical adsorption, utilizes an activated

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Water Tastes Funny? Find Out Why

water tastes funny Charlotte

Water tastes funny? That’s no joke. If your water tastes a little off, you need to find out why and get a solution in place, pronto. The following are several common reasons your water might change in taste. If it’s only a problem with the hot water... … then you probably have a problem with

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Everything You Need to Know about Water Quality in Charlotte NC

water quality in charlotte nc

Remember how surprised you were as a kid when you found out you could survive over three weeks without food but only three to four days without water? Our bodies are over 60% water, and as much as the saying “you are what you eat” is true, the real saying should be “you are what

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Featured Product: Pelican Water Filtration Systems

Pelican Water Filtration Systems Review Charlotte Water

One of the best things about the internet—the amount of information available—can also be one of the most challenging. When you’re researching a new-to-you topic, brand, or service, it can be overwhelming to sort through the material and make decisions. Every now and then, we aim to help you cut through the plumbing clutter by

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Your Drinking Water: Understanding Why Fluoride in Water is Controversial

is flouride bad for you? Health concerns flouride

Wait a minute... what's this? A significant percentage of health experts say Fluoride is bad for you? But fluoride is in toothpaste, and dentists prescribe fluoride rinses, and fluoride is even in our drinking water, isn't it? Learn why fluoride in water in controversial and decide for yourself if you are comfortable drinking water that

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