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How to Troubleshoot a Leaking Water Heater

how to troubleshoot leaking water heater

How to Troubleshoot a Leaky Water Heater Is your water heater leaking? Don’t assume it needs to be replaced; you may be able to repair the problem, depending on what has caused the leak in the first place. Before we get started, a word of caution: Your hot water heater tank is extremely hot. Do

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Charlotte Plumber’s Choice: Best 2019 Tankless Water Heaters

Charlotte plumber chooses Rinnai tankless water heater as best tankless water heater of 2019

Charlotte Plumber’s Pick: Best 2019 Tankless Water Heaters Have you considered going tankless but haven’t committed yet? Wondering which tankless water heaters are considered the most reliable? As a plumbing company with over 21 years of service here in the Charlotte area, owned and run by a master plumber with over 30 years of experience

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Charlotte Plumber’s Choice: Best 2019 Water Heaters (Tank)

Charlotte plumbers pick State Water Heaters as best 2019 tank water heater

Charlotte Plumber’s Pick: Best 2019 Water Heaters (Tank) Every year we survey the plumbing appliances on the market and determine which appliances we will recommend to our customers. While we will install or repair any water heater a customer wants installed or already has in the home, when it comes time to recommend a new

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Charlotte Plumber’s Choice: The Best 2018 Tankless Water Heater

plumbers Harrisburg, tankless water heater Harrisburg

As a master plumber and owner of E.R. Services, Dave Parker has seen a lot of water heaters. He’s worked as a plumber for over 30 years, and he’s served Charlotte as owner of E.R. Services since 1997. In that time, Parker has watched water heaters change and evolve. Here in this post we present

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How Long Does an Electric Water Heater Last? Water Heater Basics

Huntersville water heater installation, rinnai water heater, rheem water heater

Get the Most Out of Your Electric Water Heater If you are one of the 40% of Americans who have an electric water heater (53% have gas water heaters), you will want to tune in to the information presented here. Learn how to extend the life of your water heater, how to tell how old

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How Long Does a Water Heater Last? Gas Water Heater Life Expectancy

Charlotte water heater comparison

Gas Water Heater Basics A slight majority of Americans have gas water heaters (53%); approximately 40% have electric water heaters. The remaining 7% have hybrid, solar or geothermal water heaters. If you're one of the majority of homeowners and you own a gas water heater, you need to know some basic information such as how

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How to Replace an Anode Rod

how to replace your anode rod

Think of an anode rod as the Unsung Hero of your water heater: a good one enhances the performance of MVP (your water heater), and the whole system works better because of it. Read on to learn what that means for homeowners, why you should replace anode rods periodically and how to replace an anode

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Yes, You CAN Extend the Life of Your Water Heater. Here’s How.

extend life of water heater, replace anode rod, how to drain a water heater

Your water heater is an unsung hero. Thanks to that faithful servant, you have glorious hot showers that help you get going in the morning and relaxing baths at night. (Calgon, take me away!) Your dishwasher wouldn't get those dishes sparkling clean and your laundry would be dingy if it weren't for your trusty water

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Don’t Wait for Hot Water: The Grundfos Comfort System

charlotte instant hot water

You turn on the hot water faucet and wait. You put your hand under it. Nope, still not hot. You wait a little longer and try again. Ah, there it is. Finally. Sound familiar? The average home wastes 31 gallons a day—that’s more than 11,000 gallons a year—waiting for hot water, and the average wait

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Learn From a Charlotte Plumber How to Choose a Water Heater

Maybe your hot water heater is giving you water that’s too hot or too cold—either way, it’s definitely no Goldilocks (just right). Maybe you’ve noticed some corrosion or part damage, or maybe your water heater system is just about old enough to vote. It might be time for a new water heater. Knowing how to

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