Causes and Fixes for 3 Common Water Heater Problems

Water heater repair Charlotte

Wondering if You Need Water Heater Repair in Charlotte?

Gas water heater giving you trouble? Check out this simple overview of three of the six most common water heater problems and accompanying solutions. (See Part Two of this article series for the other three most common water heater problems and solutions.)

Problem #1: No Hot Water

Possible Issues:

  • Gas pilot light out? Broken?
  • Gas thermocouple loose or broken?
  • Faulty gas pilot control valve?

Possible Solutions:

  • See if the gas pilot flame is out. If it is out, light it. Not lighting? Call a plumber to see if you need the pilot operation repaired or pilot replaced.
  • Evaluate the gas thermocouple. Is it loose? Need to be tightened?
  • Replace the gas pilot control valve.

Problem #2: Not Enough Hot Water

Possible Issues:

  • Your water heater isn't big enough to keep up with the heating demands of your household?
  • Your water heater dip tube is broken and is allowing cold water to mix in with the hot water in the tank?
  • Your plumbing installation was performed incorrectly and cold and hot water connections have crossed?
  • You're having issues with gas supply or control?

Possible Solutions:

  • Check to see if your hot water demands have increased. As a general rule, your tank water heater's capacity is 75%, meaning a 40 gallon water heater should be able to make available 30 gallons of hot water at a time.
  • Have a plumber out to check your dip tube, gas supply connections and valve, or actual installation (if this is a new water heater or you are new to this home and are wondering if the plumbing was done correctly).

Problem #3: Water From Hot Water Tap is Rusty

Possible Issues:

  • There may be corrosion inside the tank.
  • Your anode rod may be failing (they are supposed to slowly dissolve to prevent against rusting).

Possible Solutions:

  • Replace the anode rod.
  • Check the inside of the tank for signs of corrosion if that doesn't do the trick.

Four More Possible Causes and Solutions

Haven't found the right solution yet? There are three more common water heater issues you will want to investigate. Click here to learn more.

Need Water Heater Repair in Charlotte?

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Water heater repair in Charlotte

Wondering if you need water heater repair in Charlotte?

Article Summary

Quick question & answer: Why doesn’t my water heater have enough hot water?

Your water heater might not have enough hot water because it isn’t large enough to keep up with household heating demand. Your water heater dip could be broken, allowing the tank’s cold and warm water to mix. Incorrectly installed plumbing could cause cold and hot water connections to cross. You could have issues with gas supply or control.

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