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Plumbing Emergency Charlotte Advice: Clogged Drains

Of course, it’s a fact of life that sometimes a drain will just get clogged up. Whether it’s draining slowly or completely stopped, you need to fix it. Here are some simple tips to unclog drains safely and effectively.

  • Invest in a few supplies from the get-go, a plunger, a cable auger, and a closet auger. They won’t be very expensive, and they will help you out for years to come.
  • Don’t use Drano to try to unclog any drains – it’s an extremely caustic chemical and can hurt you when you try to plunge or snake later on.
  • Don’t buy an electric auger or a drain jetter. They can cause more problems than they’ll solve and can actually break your pipes.
  • Wear safety goggles as you’re clearing a drain so you can avoid splashes and damage to your eyes.
  • Try to pull hair out of clogged bathtub drains to see if that will resolve the clog so you can avoid wasted time and energy with plunging.
  • When trying to clear a drain, take care not to use too much force or pressure; excess can damage your pipes and fixtures and cost you big money in the long run.

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Learn how to keep drains clean and unclog clogged drains.

Article Summary

Quick question & answer: What are the best tips for safely unclogging drains?

To safely unclog a drain, invest in a plunger, cable auger, and closet auger. Don’t use drano to unclog any drains. Don’t buy an electric auger or drain jetter. Wear safety goggles as you’re clearing a drain. Try to pull hair out of bathtub drains to see if that helps. Don’t use too much force when clearing a drain.

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