Charlotte Emergency Plumbing Tips for Washing Machine Stoppage

Prevent Washing Machine Stoppage

Do you suspect you have a washing machine stoppage, or have you been experiencing some issues with your washing machine draining properly? You might think it’s the fault of the machine itself, but what may really be the issue is that you may have a stopped up drain leading out of the washing machine. Worst case scenario, you might have a clogged main sewer line. There are ways you can diagnose the problem yourself and determine whether or not you need to call a plumber to help you with the problem.

Diagnosing the Problem Behind Your Washing Machine Stoppage

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Does any water leak over the standpipe of your washing machine when you run the spin cycle?
    1. This may be a problem with your washing machine itself
  2. Water stays in the washing machine
    1. This normally points to the appliance, not the drain
  3. Water leaking all over the floor each time you run the washer
    1. Likely a clogged drain
  4. Washing machine drains into the kitchen sink or utility sink and fills it up
    1. Likely your mainline sewer drain

Solving Your Washing Machine Stoppage

It may not be easy to solve the problem. Possible issues with the washing machine might include a clogged drain tube or a bad pump inside your washing machine. If you suspect your drain is actually the culprit, you can try several things.

A drain snake might be able to help clear a blockage if it is near the entrance of where the drain pipe is located. You can also use a medium drain snake through your clean-out in your plumbing to get rid of the stoppage. Some clean-outs are located behind a washing machine or around the kitchen sink.

What if I Can’t Fix It? Charlotte Washing Machine Stoppage Emergency Plumbing Services

Most people do not have the drain snakes and other equipment to clear their own drains properly. Many individuals are intimidated by the plumbing system and may need a little help.

At ER Plumbing, we are committed to serving you right the first time. Call us today if you have an emergency related to your washing machine draining improperly. It is important to have someone out as soon as possible to avoid major damage that water can do to your home. If it is your main line, ER Plumbing is equipped to handle this. ER Services own its own equipment and will do a thorough job and a wonderful clean up afterwards.

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Article Summary

Quick question & answer: What causes washing machine stoppage?

Washing machine stoppage can be caused by water leaking over the washing machine’s standpipe when you run the spin cycle, indicating a mechanical issue. If water stays in the machine, it is likely the appliance. If water leaks when cycles are run, there may be a clogged drain. If the washer empties into the sink, it is likely the mainline sewer drain.

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