Charlotte Gas Logs Installation Q & A

Gas in Charlotte NC

Need a Gas Line in Charlotte NC? Charlotte Gas Logs Installation Q & A

Are you thinking about a Charlotte gas logs installation? Gas logs deliver the coziness of a roaring fire without the mess and hassle of clean up. They’re also less expensive than burning real wood in the long run. Want to learn more about Charlotte gas logs? Read on!

Can Burning Charlotte Gas Logs Save You Money?

Here in Charlotte, we usually don’t deal with bitterly cold temperatures. A typical gas logs system costs approximately a dollar an hour to burn. If you install a blower (fan) with your gas logs, this can be enough to heat a good portion of your house. This can be significantly cheaper than running your furnace, and is much prettier.

Burning real wood will cost you more than a dollar per hour and will not put out nearly as much heat (most of it goes right up the chimney). Most people who switch from burning real wood in their chimneys to installing gas logs realize a savings of over $100 in heating costs during that first year alone – this adds up as the years pass. For these reasons, installing gas logs can not only add ambiance, but also save you money, especially if your gas logs are located in a part of your home where your family likes to gather.

Reasons to Install Gas Logs

Gas logs are becoming more popular in Charlotte because they are:

  • Convenient – easy to turn on and off, with no mess. No wait time after you turn it off, no need to make sure the fire is all the way out or the ashes are properly disposed of. No cleaning, no build up in the chimney, and no need to protect your home from embers or sparks
  • Energy efficient
  •  Cost efficient
  • Easy to use. No need to buy, haul or store firewood. No dealing with splinters, wood chips, bugs or snakes in the woodpile.
  • Healthier enjoyment of a fire. Gas logs emit 35-40% less pollution than burning real wood. People with allergies notice a difference right away. The environment will thank you for cutting down on carbon emissions.

 Charlotte Gas Log Installation Experts

Are you thinking about installing gas logs in an existing fireplace? Many people don't realize that plumbers are also gas line experts. You can read about our experience with gas line and gas log installation here.  E.R. Services is open 24/7, 365 days a year. You don’t need to take time off work or wait until the morning because we never charge extra for nights or weekends. Give us a call at 704-269-1066 or contact us using our online contact form and we’ll get you a quote on beautiful gas logs. We’ll help you choose the right gas logs for your home and get you set up right.

Need Gas in Charlotte NC?

Looking for a plumber who knows about gas fireplaces and can help you understand if you can safely install gas logs at your residence? We'll take the time to help you take into consideration all your options.

Charlotte Plumbers Licensed to Install Gas Lines in Charlotte NC 

Serving the Charlotte metro area, including Charlotte suburbs. Need a Harrisburg plumber? We’ll get the job done now and the job done right. 30+ years experience, fully staffed and committed to customer satisfaction.

Gas in Charlotte NC

Need a gas line installed in Charlotte?

Article Summary

Quick question & answer: Why should I install gas logs?

You should install gas logs in your home because they are convenient and easy to turn on and off without a mess. They are both energy and cost efficient. They are easy to use since you don’t need to haul or store firewood. It’s overall a healthier enjoyment of fire since they emit 35-40% less pollution than burning real wood.

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