Charlotte High Water Pressure Problems

Did you know that Charlotte has historically had high water pressure problems? While most homes and residences only need about 50 psi, most Charlotte homes and businesses have higher water pressure than is needed for optimal appliance function. That means a lot of Charlotte homes and businesses are losing money and at risk of appliance and plumbing damage due to high water pressure.

What is Considered High Water Pressure?

Anything over 80 psi is considered high water pressure. Most home appliances, showers, faucets, and pipes work best when water pressure is around 50 psi. Our technicians frequently come across homes and businesses with water pressure of 120 psi and higher.

What Problems are Attributed to High Water Pressure?

The following are problems we commonly see here in Charlotte when investigating high water pressure problems:

High Water Pressure Results in Appliance and Plumbing System Deterioration

High water pressure can cause hot water heaters to leak, pipes to burst, faucets and showerheads to leak, and appliances to break down early. In other words, high water pressure damages your pipes and appliances.

High Water Pressure Results in Water Waste

For comparison, consider that a faucet with a water pressure reading of 50 psi will put forth about 30 gallons of water in ten minutes. That same faucet, with a water pressure reading of 100 psi will put forth about 45 gallons of water per ten minutes. As you can see, high water pressure results in water waste. This is bad for the environment – and your water bill.

What Should Be Done About High Water Pressure?

If you have high water pressure, call ER Services of Charlotte to install a water pressure reduction valve. This is a simple, inexpensive service that will save you money.

How Installing a Water Pressure Reduction Valve Will Save You Money

Most homes and businesses save enough in water costs to pay off the installation of the water pressure reduction valve in 6-12 months.

The average home will save about 30,000 gallons of water in a year’s time if they have a plumbing professional install a water pressure reduction valve.

You’ll reduce your risk of leaking pipes, which can prevent water damage in your home and reduce future plumbing expenses. You’ll also extend the life of your appliances such as your hot water heater, which is a significant expense.

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