Charlotte Lawn Aeration and Plumbing Problems Every Charlotte Homeowner Should Know

Charlotte lawn aeration problems

Problems to Avoid with Charlotte Lawn Aeration That Can Save You a Bundle

Hiring a company to aerate and seed your lawn this fall? It's great for your grass, but this and other large-scale landscaping projects can affect your plumbing in ways you probably didn't anticipate. The following are tips for protecting yourself from expensive plumbing problems related to Charlotte lawn aeration and the usage of heavy equipment on your property.

Cracked Pipes

Aeration machines can be rather heavy, as are many other types of landscaping equipment (Bobcats, etc.). If your pipes are not buried deep enough, it's very possible that they may crack under the weight of heavy equipment. A hairline crack is undetectable at first, but it can lead to plumbing problems.

Tree Roots

If your sewer main line pipe cracks, tree roots will find their way to the crack and force their way inside, growing into the pipe. This will eventually result in a clogged sewer main pipe, resulting in sewage backing up into your home and requiring the lawn to be dug up and the section of pipe replaced.

If your water main line pipe cracks, tree roots will grow into that pipe, causing a bigger leak and increasing your water bill.

Broken Irrigation Spigots

If you have an irrigation system, you run the risk of a careless landscaper accidentally breaking a spigot, resulting in a water leak.

Tips for Protecting Your Pipes and Irrigation System

When the landscaping company arrives, walk the property with them and show them where your irrigation spigots are and where your water and sewer main is marked (by the curb). Request that they aerate your lawn in a pattern that does not entail them running over the small section of lawn that covers the pipes and that they take special care to avoid the irrigation spigots (if you have an irrigation system). Before they leave, check your irrigation spigots and turn on the system to ensure the spigots are intact.

Signs You Have a Problem

In most cases, pipe cracks are not evident right away. After having major landscaping work done, keep an eye on the following:

  • Watch for a water bill spike
  • Walk your lawn once a week and check for a developing sinkhole or water accumulating in a spot on your lawn (in some cases you can actually see water bubbling up)
  • Be suspicious if a section of your lawn is suddenly much greener than the rest

Suspect You Have a Problem Related to Charlotte Lawn Aeration?

If you have sewage backing up into your home or you have a Charlotte water bill spike, give us a call at 704-269-1066 or use our online contact form here. We serve a 30-mile radius of Charlotte and use state-of-the-art leak detection equipment. We've been in business since 1997, and we are committed to you as a long-term customer. We never try to make a quick sale; instead, we invest in solving your problem for the long term, providing customer satisfaction, and ensuring your plumbing problem is fixed right. We look forward to working with you!

Charlotte lawn aeration problems

Article Summary

Quick question & answer: How can I protect myself from lawn aeration plumbing problems?

You can protect yourself from plumbing issues from lawn aeration. Walk your property with the landscaping company upon arrival, showing them where irrigation spigots are and where your water and sewer main is marked by the curb. Ask them to irrigate the lawn in a pattern that doesn’t entail them running over the small section of the lawn that covers pipes.

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