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Do you ever wonder if you might have a leak in your plumbing system? Do you have an increase in your water bill that is unexplained? You may think that your plumbing is working just fine, but what you might not see is that you have a leak somewhere that could go undetected.

Homeowner Leak Detection Practices

 Some places that leaks often go undetected are under the sinks, in your crawl space, underground or in the walls. Many people do not go into their crawl space unless they need to repair something or lay down a moisture barrier. It is a good idea to set aside a time every other month on your calendar to do a regular check of the crawl space area to catch leaks early.

If you notice that you are beginning to have some mold around a wall, you also may have a plumbing leak behind there. Mold can be a very serious health concern, so it is crucial that you have a professional come perform leak detection services on your plumbing system if you cannot locate the source of the moisture.

Leak Detection Basics

Some reasons so suspect a leak are:

  • Water is collecting in your yard (and you have not recently watered the lawn)
  • There is water in your crawl space or basement (not after a heavy rain)
  • Water is leaking from the ceiling or wall
  • You have begun to have mold and mildew
  • Your toilet is constantly running
  • The water bill has an unexpected rise

How Can ER Plumbing Help With Leak Detection Problems?

At ER Plumbing, we offer comprehensive leak detection services. Since we own all of our own leak detection equipment, we can come out quickly and detect a leak right away.

We have a team of highly trained plumbing experts that will detect any leaks using state-of-the-art equipment. One type of device we use is called the SeeSnake® Drain and Sewer Inspection Equipment that uses a special camera we send through pipes to help us look for potential leaks in the system. Our Superior Smoke Testing device is used in detecting leaks in the sewer system of your home.

Our service professionals serve both residential and commercial locations. Contact ER Plumbing today if you suspect you may have a leak and we'll provide professional, thorough leak detection services and help you determine if you have a problem or not.

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Article Summary

Quick question & answer: Are there any reasons to suspect a leak?

Yes, the following are reasons to suspect a leak. Water is collecting in your yard and you’ve not recently watered it. There’s water in your crawl space or basement (not after a heavy rain). Water is leaking from the ceiling or wall. You have begun to have mold and mildew. Your toilet is constantly running. That water bill has an unexpected rise.

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