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It’s a homeowner’s worst nightmare – you walk down into your basement and see water where it shouldn’t be. Or step out into your yard and see water bubbling up into the grass. Or reach to get something out of a little used cabinet under a sink and find water or stinky mold growing on the damp woodwork.

It could be even more insidious than that; maybe you’ve noticed your water bill has spiked even though you’re not doing anything differently around the house. Or maybe the guest bathroom toilet won’t stop running, even after you’ve checked the toilet itself for issues. Perhaps you or a family member is experiencing increasingly worse allergies or illness.

All of these less-than-desirable scenarios can be attributed to a leak in your plumbing system, which is no small thing and cannot be ignored.

Leaks Cost More Than You’d Guess

You may not see it and you may not know it’s even there but a leak the size of a pencil point in a pipe can be costing you 970 gallons in 24 hours at a measly 40psi in water pressure (which is low for most households, especially in the Charlotte area). That’s a lot of money on your water bill unnecessarily – between $100-$600 a month! Leaks just twice as big (1/8” as opposed to 1/16”) can run up to 3600 gallons in the same 24 hours.

Aside from the obvious water cost, you may be considering where these hundreds of gallons of water are going. The damage will be exponentially more expensive than the leak itself. Those allergies or sickness we mentioned earlier could be due to mold and mildew growing in unseen places because of leaking water. Longer-term mold inhalation can even cause permanent lung damage.

You may also have rotting drywall, wood, and flooring. Water damage issues increase in severity very quickly. Those rotting floors can allow heavy appliances to fall through unexpectedly, causing tons of damage and even injury. The small puddle in the basement can become a sea of flooded water in the blink of an eye. According to one insurance agency, 12% of all paid claims are due to water damage.

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leak detection Charlotte nc, Charlotte Burst Pipes | How Much Money is that Leak Costing You?

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Article Summary

Quick question & answer: How much is a leak costing me in the Charlotte area?

In the Charlotte area, a leak the size of a pencil point in a pipe can cost you 970 gallons in 24 hours at 40psi in water pressure. That ranges anywhere from $100-$600 extra per month. Leaks twice as big can run up to 3600 gallons in 24 hours. In addition to cost, leaking water can pose health risks.

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