Charlotte Leaking Toilet Basics: Is My Toilet Leaking?

Do you have a toilet that runs constantly? Or maybe you have noticed water pooling around the base of your toilet. There are signs that your toilet may have a leak. Some signs are more subtle. If you think you have a leaking toilet in Charlotte, we have some tips for you. Know when you can remedy the problem yourself and when you need to call for help. Read more to find out leaking toilet basics: How can I tell if and where my toilet is leaking?

How Can I Tell if My Toilet is Leaking?

If you notice you have water on your floor, the first thing to check is the tank. Check first to see if the tank is “sweating” or has condensation on it. This can be one reason why the floor is wet. This also does not indicate a leak. If this problem persists, you can look at toilet tank liners that insulate the tank and reduce condensation.

One way to tell if it is your tank leaking is to add some coloring to the tank. Drop some food coloring into the tank. Wait a couple house and then come back to see if the water on the floor is the same color as what you added to the tank.

Sometimes you might notice your toilet water is constantly running. This can also indicate you have a leaky toilet.

Where is My Toilet Leaking From?

There are several places a leak can come from:

  1. The tank itself
    1. Due to cracks
    2. This requires a replacement of your tank or the entire toilet
  2. The area between the tank and the toilet bowl
    1. This can be remedied by replacing a sponge gasket or new washers for the bolts connecting the tank to the bowl
  3. Leak in the shut-off valve
    1. Shut off valve is near the wall that shuts the water off to the tank
    2. If this is leaking, it may need to be replaced or tightened
  4. Supply line leak
    1. Check for water dripping from the supply line where it attaches onto the fill valve
  5. Leak from under your toilet
    1. This might be waste water
    2. Caused by a bad wax ring that needs replaced.

When to Call about My Leaking Toilet in Charlotte

If you have a problem with a leaking toilet, it may not be very easy to fix. Depending on where the leak is coming from, you may want to hire a professional. E.R. Services guarantees our work. If you do it yourself, you have to suffer the consequences if the job is not done right. E.R. Services  ensures you get a job done right the first time. Contact us today to answer the question about leaking toilet basics: How can I tell if and where my toilet is leaking?

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Article Summary

Quick question & answer: Where is my toilet leaking from?

Your toilet may be leaking from the tank itself due to cracks or the area between the tank and the toilet bowl. There could also be a leak in the shut off valve, which if this is the case, may need to be replaced or tightened. A supply line leak and leak from under your toilet are also possibilities.

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