Charlotte Plumber: How to Install New Toilet Seal – Part 2

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What do you need to do first to replace the toilet seal?

First, you need to make sure there is no water in the toilet or going to the toilet. Shut off the water supply by turning the valve clockwise (the valve will be behind the toilet or in the basement directly beneath the toilet). Then, remove the lid of toilet tank and flush the toilet a few times to empty the tank and bowl. Scoop up water in the toilet tank with a cup and use a sponge to soak up any existing water. Lastly, disconnect the water supply line with a wrench or pliers to turn the compression nut on the water supply valve counterclockwise.

How do you remove the caps, nuts, and washers from the toilet?

After removing all the water in the toilet and tank, you need to remove the toilet off the floor. By doing so, first you need to remove the caps and nuts on the base of the toilet that is connected to the floor. With a flat head screwdriver, take off the caps from the washers. Afterwards, remove the nuts and washers from the bolts with a wrench. (Penetrating oil and pliers might be needed if the bolt spins as the nut is turned. Simply hold the bolt with the pliers with non-dominant hand.) Make sure you place the caps, nuts, and washers in a place you will remember when you have to assemble them back on.

What do you do next?

Gently rock the toilet under the bowl to break the old seal. (Be sure not to hold at the tank because it could cause damage and break it.) Carefully lift and place the toilet on the blanket or cardboard. Lastly, remove the old seal from the floor and toilet base.

How do you replace the new seal?

After the toilet and old seal is removed, you can now replace and apply the new was seal. With the round side up and exactly centered over the opening, set the new seal over the flange on the floor. Check that both bolts are placed and use them as a guide when you place the toilet. Lift the toilet and place it on top of the flange, make sure it is parallel to the wall and as level as possible. Then, sit on the toilet to get the new seal actual sealing.

How do you replace the caps, nuts, and washers?

First, place the washers over the bolts and then thread the nuts onto the bolts. Tighten the nuts until toilet is secure, and then press the toilet down harder to tighten the nuts more. Do this until it is tightly fastened on the flange, but be sure not to over-tighten or you can crack the toilet base.

Once the toilet is assembled, how do you get water the water back on?

Simply turn the water supply valve on to have the tank fill up. Then flush the toilet several times and check for leaks. If there are leaks, press the toilet down and tighten the nuts more. If no leaks, then you are good to go!

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Article Summary

Quick question & answer: Is there anything I should do first to replace the toilet seal?

Yes, to replace the toilet seal, first make sure there is no water in the toilet or going to it. Shut off the water supply by turning the valve clockwise. Remove the toilet tank’s lid, flushing several times to empty the tank and bowl. Remove water with a cup and sponge up the remaining. Lastly, disconnect the water supply line.

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