Charlotte Plumber Gives Advice: Water Conservation Tips

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Many of us are concerned about the environment. It is important to find ways that each individual can help protect the environment and explore options for conserving energy and resources. Some may not believe that it is important to conserve water, but there are many reasons that this is important to individuals as well as the environment. Find out why water conservation is important and why we should try to use these water conservation tips.

Reasons for Water Conservation

Our water is not an unlimited resource like you might think. Water comes from various resources around Charlotte and has to be treated to become safe for us to use in our homes and businesses. Conserving water means that we help take part in limiting the use of water that has to be treated, therefore cutting down on some pollution that occurs with the use of treated water. The process of treating our water to make it safe involves many expensive procedures and by conserving water, you are also not wasting water that uses energy and resources to become safe for us to use. As our population increases, our water supply stays the same, so limiting our water use can reduce the need for our area to have to find new water sources.

Charlotte Plumber Suggests Ways to Help with Water Conservation

Everyone can help do their part in conserving water. Use the following tips to find ways that you can help conserve water.

  1. If you wash dishes by hand, use one side for washing (with soap) and the other side fill with rinse water. This way you are not running the water constantly.
  2. Compost your vegetable and fruit food waste instead of running the disposal.
  3. Plant grass in the fall when there is more rain and the temperatures are cooler therefore cutting down on the amount you have to water your lawn.
  4. Use mulch around your plants to help hold in moisture and cut down on watering.
  5. Test your toilet for leaks by adding food coloring to the bowl. If the color seeps into the bowl without someone flushing it, you have a leak.

Charlotte Plumber Assists in Water Conservation

Each resident of Charlotte can do their part to help with water conservation. If you would like a professional plumber to come inspect your plumbing system, contact ER Services today. One of our skilled technicians can come to your home to answer all of your questions about how you can help conserve water and give you tips on repairing or replacing plumbing components to help as well.

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Article Summary

Quick question & answer: How can I conserve water?

You can conserve water by washing dishes by hand so you are not running water constantly. Fill one side with soap for washing and use the other side for rinse water. Compost vegetable and fruit food waste instead of running the garbage disposal. Use mulch around your plants to help hold in moisture and cut down on watering. 

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