Charlotte Plumber Advice: Water Heater in a Tight Spot?

Is your water heater in your attic, crawl space, closet or another tight space? If so, you’ll want to do research on water heater replacement far in advance of needing to actually replace it. Here’s why:

Water Heaters and Attics Don’t Mix

I don’t know who ever thought it was a bright idea to stick a tank that holds gallons of water in an attic, but I do know of many homeowners who have paid the price for ignoring such a mistake. If your water heater begins to leak (and if it is over ten years old, the risk if it springing a leak is much higher than you’d like to believe it is), you aren’t going to know about it until you see a water spot forming on your ceiling.

Worse yet, you might not know until a gush of water leaks from your water heater, causing large scale water damage. In some cases, the damage has been in the tens of thousands of dollars. While your insurance may cover a large portion of the home repairs, the intangible costs of repairs and time are exorbitant.

My advice as a plumber with 30 years of experience? Move the water heater out of your attic and into your garage or first floor. If your water is over ten years old, you really need to move it (or replace it - it’s inefficient at this point anyway).

New Water Heaters are Bigger, Not Smaller

Your new phone may be smaller than your old one, but the trend is going in the exact opposite direction when it comes to water heaters.

Why are new water heaters getting bigger? Because the 2015 Energy Mandates insist that they are manufactured with additional insulation in order to be more energy efficient. That’s good because a new water heater costs you less money in the long run (energy savings matter - heating hot water is the biggest energy expense for most homes), but is bad if your water heater is in a tight spot.

We’re experiencing situations where people need the access to their water heater widened, which entails changes to home architecture, or changes in fittings and surroundings to the water heater. To avoid this problem, E.R. Services stocked up on 2014 water heaters in order to better serve customers who don’t have the extra space required for a 2015 water heater.

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Article Summary

Quick question & answer: Can I put a water heater in my attic?

No, it is not a good idea to put a water heater in your attic. If it begins to leak, you won’t know until you see a water spot forming on the ceiling or until water gushes from above. The garage or first floor is a much better location for your water heater.

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