Charlotte Plumber Advice: Avoid The High Cost of Delaying a Plumbing Project

Can I Hold Off on Calling a Plumber?

Have you thought about hiring a Charlotte plumber, but have put off tackling a plumbing project because you're worried about the potential mess and costs related to the project?

Many homeowners notice wet spots on ceilings, floors, under sinks or near appliances, but they put off the project because they are afraid of the costs related to tearing up the house or yard to deal with the problem. They fear a plumber won't treat their property with respect or that the associated costs to deal with whatever mess the plumber makes will be astronomical.

The Cost of Delaying a Plumbing Project

The problem is this: while you're ignoring those moaning pipes, that sink that drains poorly, that gurgling toilet or that wet spot that mysteriously appears and disappears again, the problem is only getting worse. As you delay, that pipe is getting more clogged, and that leak is slowly causing damage to the dry wall behind the shower or the ceiling material. If you delay the problem can turn into something big that will cost a lot more money to resolve.

Does Home Owner's Insurance Cover Water Damage?

If you deal with a plumbing problem right away, there's a possibility that your home owner's insurance will cover the any water damage incurred. However, if you delay dealing with the problem, your insurance company will consider this a case of neglect and will not cover the costs of restoration.

Charlotte emergency plumber dealing with water damage and neglect

Looks like we've got some serious water damage here!













Finding a Charlotte Plumber Who Will Restore Your Property

Here at ER Plumbing, we realize that plumbing projects can be messy. In some cases, we have to dig up yards...

Charlotte Plumber at work

We've got the right equipment on handle to tackle jobs like this













But we always clean up after ourselves.

Charlotte Emergency Plumbers

Charlotte emergency plumbers that clean up after themselves













Even if the job requires cutting through concrete or tearing up the road. We own the right equipment to handle everything from trenching to ripping up a piece of the road. This way we can handle the job quickly and efficiently, and at a lower cost to you (since we don't have to rent the equipment and pass that cost on to you.)

Charlotte Emergency Plumber

Charlotte plumbers who know how to deal with tough problems












Emergency Plumber Charlotte

We make sure to fix up your sidewalk after we rip it up!




















Charlotte Plumbers Who Respect Your Property, Budget and Time

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