Charlotte Plumber Blog: Garbage Disposal Basics

Everything You Need to Know About Garbage Disposal Basics

Have you ever wondered what goes on in your sink when you run your garbage disposal? Do you picture a blender that purees your food? Most home owners are not aware of what exactly a garbage disposal does and why you have one. We will talk about the different types of garbage disposal units. Then we can discuss the parts of a garbage disposal as well as all the other garbage disposal basics.

Charlotte Plumber Blog: Types of Garbage Disposals

There are two main types of garbage disposals. The first is known as a batch feed and the second is called a continuous feed. A batch feed garbage disposal allows you to put food into the disposal and then you put a sink stopper in place in order to turn it on. These tend to be safer. If you have a lot of food, it can take longer. Batch feed disposals also cost more.

Continuous feed disposals are more common. They allow you to run the disposal while “feeding” all the waste into it as it runs. Both types of disposals come in different sizes. The smallest uses 1/3 horsepower motors. Larger ones use a motor with 1 horsepower or higher.

What Does a Garbage Disposal Do?

Garbage disposals are installed in a sink drain in the kitchen to grind up food waste. All disposals are made with a flat plate with steel mashers that rotate and an inner disposal wall with the “teeth”. These “teeth” help do all the grinding of your food. This allows all the food that goes down the drain to be ground up into small bits so it does not clog the drain.

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Charlotte plumber, Garbage Disposal Basics

Article Summary

Quick question & answer: How many types of garbage disposals are there?

There are two main types of garbage disposals: batch feed and continuous feed. Batch feed allows you to put food in the disposal, then needs a sink stopper in place before it turns on. Continuous feed disposals are more common and allow you to run the disposal while putting waste into them.

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