Charlotte Plumber DIY Series: How to Install a Garbage Disposal

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How to Install a Garbage Disposal

Do you need to install a new garbage disposal but don’t know how? Follow these step-by-step directions to do it yourself.

Step 1: Get ready for the project

First, make sure you have all the supplies you will need and the instruction sheet at hand.

Second, at the circuit-breaker box, turn the power off the disposal.

Last, it could be helpful to check the amperage of the circuit to make sure the disposal will not overload. The amperage should appear on the breaker switch.

Step 2: Disconnect the drain arm and tube

First, remove the drain arm from the disposal unit.

Second, loosen the spring clamp that’s holding the dishwasher drain tube in place with pliers.

Last, disconnect the dishwasher drain tube from the unit.

Step 3: Remove the disposal unit

First, take out the disposal unit by rotating it off the mounting nut and then dump out any residual debris or water.

Second, turn the disposal unit upside-down so you can remove the plate that is covering the electrical connections.

Third, take out the grounding screw and wire nuts and then pull out the cable from the disposal unit. If needed, a strain relief sleeve may be useful for loosening.

Last, remove the present mounting assembly and drain by unscrewing the mounting ring and then pushing the drain flange through the drain hole. It is important to keep in mind that if the new disposal unit is the same model as the old unit, the mounting hardware will not need to be replaced.

Step 4: Set up new hardware

First, underneath the drain flange, arrange a rubber seal — or plumber’s putty if the new disposal doesn’t include rubber seal.

Last, on the drain flange underneath the sink, arrange another rubber seal. Then, connect the metal backup ring, flat side up. Keep in mind that most disposals use metal mounting hardware, but others use plastic, so examine the owner’s manual of disposal for more specific installation procedures if needed.

Step 5: Connect the mounting ring

First, with the three screws, loosely attach the mounting ring. To do this, push the mounting ring up and secure it with the snap ring.

Last, tighten the mounting screws until it is tight and even.

Step 6: Set up the new disposal

First, use a hammer and screwdriver to remove the knock out plug if the disposal will be connected to the dishwasher drain.

Second, to get rid of anything that may be inside the disposal, turn it upside-down and shake it.

Third, remove the electrical plate now and then carefully pull the electrical wires away from the unit.

Last, tighten the strain relief sleeve into place and then push the electrical cable through the sleeve into the disposal. Afterwards, tighten the sleeve firmly.

Step 7: Finish the installation

First, splice white to white and black to black, while linking the electrical wires, and then secure those links with wire nuts.

Second, join the ground wire to the green screw on the disposal and replace the cover plate.

Third, hang the disposal now by twisting and tightening it into place on the mounting nut. Twist the disposal unit it’s properly aligned, and then you can connect the drain arm and dishwasher drainpipe.

Last, run water through the disposal for a few minutes and check for leaks or problems. Then, turn the power back on the disposal.

Please keep in mind that the disposal can be heavy, so it could be beneficial to build a support base to hold it up.

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Quick question & answer: How do I install a garbage disposal?

You can install a garbage disposal by having the supplies and instructions you need on hand. Make sure to turn the power off to the disposal at the circuit-breaker box. Disconnect the drain arm and tube, then remove the disposal unit. Set up new hardware and connect the mounting ring. Then, set up the new disposal and finish the installation.

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