Charlotte Plumber Offers DIY Leak Detection Tips

How to Find a Leak

Do you know how to tell if you have a leaky pipe or leaking faucet? Not sure how to perform Charlotte leak detection in your own home? If your water bill spiked or you suspect you have a leak somewhere, follow the advice of this Charlotte plumber. Here at ER Plumbing, we’ve got decades of experience finding leaky pipes and fixing leaky faucets and appliances. We know how to find a leak and provide quick, easy fixes.

How to Check for a Leaky Toilet

Leaky toilets are easy to overlook. You might notice that the toilet is leaking a tiny bit of water all day long, or you might wonder why your toilet seems to flush on its own every once in a while. These are signs of a leaky toilet, and they are easy to overlook.

First, check around the outside of the toilet. Are you seeing water collecting around the base of the toilet? Look for loose washers or connections. You may have a cracked connection or need to tighten something. Try to identify exactly where the drips are coming from. Use paper towels to find out where the leak is originating.

If you aren’t seeing water outside of the toilet, check for the silent but expensive leaking through a loose flap or problem inside the tank. Put a couple of drops of food coloring in the tank and then check the toilet bowl in half an hour. If the water is still clear in the toilet bowl, you don’t have a leak. If the water in the toilet bowl is colored at all, you have a leak.

How to Check the Pipes Underneath Your Sinks

Look for strange odors, unexplained dampness, damaged wood, or mold under sinks. Use a paper towel to identify exactly where the leak is coming from.

How to Check Under Tubs and Showers

Look for signs of water damage on drywall, ceilings (under bathrooms), and flooring. Listen for the sounds of dripping.

How to Check Behind and Under Appliances

Move appliances and look for signs of water damage from time to time. Check joints and points of connection for loose or cracked washers.

Leaky Faucets

Don’t ignore leaky faucets or shower heads; the steady dripping will cost you more than it will cost to replace it. If you aren’t sure how to change out a leaky faucet, have a plumber help you out.

Hidden Leaks

Unfortunately, most leaks happen in places you can’t see them. Under concrete, behind drywall, in crawl spaces, underground… these are just a few of the places we find leaks. You may have an idea that you have a leak somewhere because you’ve noticed:

  • Water bill spikes
  • Soggy patch in your yard
  • Sinkhole developing in your yard
  • Water damage in one small part of your home

We use smoke leak detection devices to locate the leak no matter where it is. Then we use our in-house equipment to immediately fix your leak right away. That way, we minimize the expense and even the cost of time for you.

How Important is Leak Detection?

It’s obvious that major leaks will cost you major money, but minor leaks cost homeowners up to hundreds of dollars. That’s because even a hairline crack or intermittent drip can waste gallons of water, causing your water bill to skyrocket. You may have been meaning to get that leak looked at for months, not realizing how much money you are flushing down the drain.

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Quick question & answer: How can I tell if I have a hidden leak?

You can tell if you have a hidden leak in several different ways. Water bill spikes, a soggy patch in your yard, a sinkhole developing in your yard, or water damage in one small part of your home are indications of hidden leaks. Hidden leaks can occur under concrete, behind drywall, in crawl spaces, or even underground.

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  1. Jessy Shaw on

    My husband and I just moved to Lutz. FL and we have been wanting to look into leak detection just as a precaution. Our last house had numerous leaks when we first moved in and it cost us a lot of money. I have been doing as much as I can by myself but I am thinking about hiring someone in for the rest. I will definitely use these tips, thank you so much for sharing them!

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