Charlotte Plumber Offers Tips to Prevent Plumbing Expenses

Ways to Prevent Plumbing Expenses

As a Charlotte plumber who has been working in the field for over two decades, I know what ways you can prevent plumbing expenses. The following are things I do to prevent plumbing expenses in my home, which I would encourage you to do as well.

Check Your Water Meter

Check your water meter at least twice a year to make sure it is working properly. You will want to shut off all water usage in the house (make sure the washing machine and dishwasher are off) and then check your water meter. Is the dial still moving? That’s a bad sign – a sign that you have a leak somewhere. Don’t use water for two hours, and then check the meter again. Has the meter changed? If so, you’ve got a leak somewhere and need to call a Charlotte plumber.

Check for a Leaky Toilet

Leaky toilets can be sneaky – sometimes they leak without you knowing it’s happening at all. The leaks can cost you hundreds of dollars in water bills. Check your toilets twice a year to prevent losing money to a leak.

Check for a toilet leak by opening the top to your toilet tank and dropping a couple drop of food coloring into the tank. Use a bright color like blue or red. Close the tank up and wait 10-15 minutes. Now look in the toilet bowl. Do you see any color in the toilet bowl? If you see color in the bowl, it means you have a leak. Flush the toilet after you’re done with the experiment so the food coloring doesn’t stain your toilet at all.

Look For Evidence of Leaky Pipes or Fittings

Twice a year you should go through your home and check all exposed pipes. Look for water on the outside of the pipe, especially checking where pipes meet appliances or fixtures. If you see water, you’ve got a leak.

Check surrounding drywall, tile, laminate, carpet, ceilings, etc. for signs of leaking water. Follow up on damp spots or water spots to determine what the cause of the spotting or staining is. Prevent water damage, get help fixing leaks, and save yourself a bundle of cash in home repairs and water bills.

Examine Your Garden Hose Connection

Check your hose where it connects to the spigot. Run the water to the hose and watch for leaks. If you find a leak, get a new washer to ensure a tight connection. You may have to use pipe tape or a wrench.

Need a Charlotte Plumber?

If you need help identifying or fixing leaky pipes or leaky toilets, or even just to check your water meter and look for ways to save money on water bills, call us. We can help with any of the following tasks:

  • Charlotte water meter problems
  • Charlotte leak detection
  • Charlotte leak repair
  • Charlotte pipe replacement
  • Charlotte emergency plumbing services

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Article Summary

Quick question & answer: What are the best ways to prevent plumbing expenses?

The following are the best ways to prevent plumbing expenses. Check your water meter at least twice a year to make sure it’s working properly. Also, check your toilets twice a year for potential leaks. Go through your home and check all exposed pipes for evidence of leaky pipes or fittings twice a year. Lastly, examine your garden hose connection.



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