Charlotte Plumber Teaches How to Clear Drains – Part I

Tools for Unclogging Drains and Toilets

Got a clogged drain? Need help unclogging a pipe? Stopped up sinks and plugged toilets can often be cleared without the help of a plumber – if you learn some plumbing tricks. We’ll teach you how to unclog a stopped up kitchen sink, bathtub and floor drain.

Tools You’ll Want to Keep in the House

You’ll want to invest in the following tools, all of which are inexpensive and very handy for clearing drains.

  • A plunger - $5 to $10
  • A cable auger - $15 to $25
  • A closet auger - $15 to $40

You’ll see electric augers and drain jetting equipment, but you won’t want to mess with these tools on your own. Most jetting devices make huge messes and don’t clear clogs well, and you won’t want to try using an electric auger on your own because of the risk of injury. If you can’t clear a drain with a plunger, cable auger or a closet auger, you need to call a plumber so you don’t damage your pipes or the fixtures.

A cable auger is also called a snake. It is a strong, flexible, lengthy steel cable that is sold wound around a spool. The spool has a hand crank on it that allows you to snake the steel cable down into and then back out of the drain. You can buy 100-foot long cables, but a 25-foot long cable is more reasonable for a homeowner to use. Most homeowners end up frustrated if they try to snake a clog that is more than 25 feet down the drain. It’s not worth the extra expense. Instead try to deal with clogs sooner than later, at the first sign of clogging or slow draining.

A closet auger is a snake designed for unclogging toilets or pipes leading away from the toilet. The auger is bent at the proper angle to snake a toilet, making it possible to get the cable through the toilet trap curves.

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 When You Need to Call a Charlotte Plumber

If a stopped up sink, plugged up bathtub drain or clogged floor drain won’t clear in a few attempts, call a Charlotte plumber. If you exert too much force, you can inflict permanent damage to the pipes or to a fixture. The cost of replacing piping or fixtures will be more expensive than having a professional clear drains for you.

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Article Summary

Quick question & answer: What are the best tools to have around for unclogging drains and toilets?

The following tools help with unclogging drains and toilets. A plunger costs $5-$10. A cable auger (snake) costs $15-$25 and the hand crank lets you bring it in and out of a drain. A closet auger costs $15-$40 and is designed for unclogging toilets or pipes leading away from the toilet.

Winner of Angie's List 2014 Super Service Award, Tools for Unclogging Drains

Winner of Angie's List 2014 Super Service Award

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