Charlotte Plumber Teaches How to Clear Drains – Part IV

How to Clear Drains

Earlier we taught you what tools to keep in your home to unclog a stopped up kitchen sink, plugged up bathroom tub drain, or a floor drain. Get the list of household tools here.

Today, we’ll teach you how to tackle one of the most common household drain clearing problems: a clogged floor drain.

How to Unclog a Floor Drain

You probably have a floor drain in your laundry room, basement or garage that is intended to carry wastewater away from your washing machine, water heater, or air conditioner. It’s pretty common for these drains to get clogged because of the stuff that gets spilled, used or disposed of in basements, laundry rooms and garages. Because these types of clogged drains are usually difficult to break through, you may need to hire a plumber who knows how to blast through difficult clogs. However, you can first try the following steps to unclog the floor drain:

  1. Put on safety googles.
  2. Remove the drain cover. It will probably be a strainer or a screen.
  3. Find the clean out plug (should be on the side of the drain basin.)
  4. Use a wrench to remove the clean out plug.
  5. Feed cable into the pipe, cranking the hand crank clockwise and then counter clockwise to break up the blockage.
  6. Retrieve the cable.
  7. Try pouring hot water down the drain.
  8. Replace the clean out plug and drain screen. (This is especially important because toxic fumes can waft up from the clean out if you don’t replace the plug. These fumes come from the sewer system and can cause your home to be filled with dangerous sewer fumes.)

If this does not work, call a plumber.

When You Need to Call a Charlotte Plumber

If a stopped up sink, plugged up bathtub drain or clogged floor drain won’t clear in a few attempts, call a Charlotte plumber. If you exert too much force, you can inflict permanent damage to the pipes or to a fixture. The cost of replacing piping or fixtures will be more expensive than having a professional clear drains for you.

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Article Summary

Quick question & answer: How do I unclog a floor drain?

To unclog a floor drain, put on safety goggles and remove the drain cover. Find the clean out plug, usually located on the side of the drain basin. Use a wrench to remove the clean out plug. Feed cable into the pipe, then retrieve the cable. Pour hot water down the drain. Lastly, replace the clean out plug and screen.

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