Charlotte Plumber's Choice: The Best 2015/2016 Hot Water Solution

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Charlotte Plumbing Company Advice Column: Hot Water Solutions

People often ask us what we think is the latest and greatest in plumbing technology. We've plugged for tankless water heaters, high efficiency toilets, solar water heaters and all kinds of cool faucets and plumbing gadgets. But the best new hot water solution for 2016 has got to be the latest in recirculating hot water pumps, specifically, the recirculating hot water pump made by Grundfos.

Why a Recirculating Hot Water Pump?

  1. It'll save you money. Read this article (and watch the accompany video) about how Habitat for Humanity is installing recirculating hot water pumps in their new apartments, specifically because of the vast savings in both heating and water costs.
  2. You'll get hot water in your shower in 20 seconds instead of two minutes.
  3. It conserves water - a LOT of water.
  4. It won't mess up your existing plumbing. It's easy to install and works right with your existing plumbing.
  5. You'll save money. When you add in the expenses of both water waste and sewer charges, the typical home pours approximately $120 down the drain waiting for hot water.

How Do Recirculating How Water Pumps Work?

Ambient temperature water in the hot water lines (water that is normally lost down the drain) is recirculated back to the water heater while the Grundfos system fills the hot water line with hot water. This happens approximately 80 percent faster than when water is lost down the drain. Your normal set up wastes water, heat and time; the recirculating hot water pump saves you water, heat and time. The system moves the water quickly so that you get hot water where you want it, before it cools in the pipes.

Need a Charlotte Recirculating Hot Water Pump?

Give us a call at 704-269-1066 or use our online contact form to get questions answered or to set up an appointment. We serve a 30-mile radius of the Charlotte area, providing expert plumbing solutions. We'll set up with a recirculating hot water pump so you can enjoy hot water and save money at the same time.

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