Charlotte Plumbers Give Advice: What Causes Brown Rings in Toilets?

Want to Get Rid of Brown Rings in Toilets?

Are your toilet bowls stained an unsightly yellow or brown color? Do your toilets get brown rings in them no matter how much you clean them? Do you notice brown, reddish brown or yellow stains in your sinks (where the faucet drips) or shower stalls and bathtubs?

These yellow, brownish red, and brown stains in toilets, shower stalls and bathtubs can make you feel dirty or like you don’t clean often enough, but they have nothing to do with cleanliness. Sure, you could buy all new toilets, shower stalls, and bathtubs, but you’d soon see the rings and stains coming back, even if you cleaned every day.

Brown Rings in Toilets Caused by Minerals in Water

Why is this? Because the stains are caused by high mineral content in the water. This happens when there is a lot of iron or another mineral in the water. The minerals cause stains, which is why all the scrubbing you’re doing isn’t helping much.

If you want to be done with stains from minerals in the water, you will need to get a whole house filtration system. The filtration system will take out excess minerals and other contaminants that you don’t want in your water anyway. You can learn more about Charlotte water filtration systems here.

Stains Caused by Rust in Water Heater

You can also get stains like this if your water heater is old and is rusting out. If you have a tank water heater that is over 10 years old, chances are you will start to see rust problems, especially if you don’t perform annual water heater maintenance (draining the water heater to remove sediment that builds up in the bottom of the tank). The rust that collects in the water heater will cause stains in sinks, shower stalls and bathtubs – anywhere hot water is used.

If you’re only having problems with stains in sinks, bathtubs, and shower stalls (places where hot water runs or drips), you need to replace your water heater. Most water heaters only last 10-15 years (unless you’ve got a tankless water heater, which will last 20+ years.) To learn more about Charlotte water heaters, click here.

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Article Summary

Quick question & answer: How do I get rid of the brown rings in my toilet?

You can get rid of brown rings in your toilet by installing a whole house water filtration system or replacing your water heater. Excess minerals in water, which a filtration system can remove, also cause brown rings. If you see rusting in sinks, shower stalls, and bathtubs, your water heater may be rusting. Replacing the water heater will remedy this.

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    • David Parker on

      Hey Aretha, The brown stains may be from the flappers wearing especially if any bleach has been put in the toilet tanks. I don't know if your on well or city water, but would think if all toilets are the same brand its isolated to the toilets staining and would check the tank guts and any washers that may be disintegrating.


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