Charlotte Plumbing Advice: How to Fix Clogged Pipes

How to Fix Clogged Pipes

As Charlotte plumbers, we are often called out to deal with clogged pipes or drains that aren't draining properly. If you've got a sink that drains slowly or you start seeing sewer backing up in your lower floor toilets, you've got something clogging up your pipes.

Most people assume this is because of something they flushed down the toilet or sink, but too often the clog is far down the pipe, way out of reach with a household snake. One of the most common reasons for clogged pipes is tree roots.

Because leaking pipes attract tree roots, roots break in through even hairline cracks, causing a bigger leak and then clogging the pipes.

Drain Plugged Up Charlotte

See how tree roots can clog up a pipe?

We know how to fix this, though! We use a camera to determine where the blockage is. Then we use a cable to deal with the troublesome roots.

Drain stopped up Charlotte

We use a cable to pull out tree roots








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