Charlotte Plumbing Services Buyer Beware: How to Avoid Bait-and-Switch and Other Sneaky Tactics

Charlotte plumbing services, plumbing scams, bad plumbers

You know the old saying—if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. We agree, because we’ve seen it time and again: A homeowner buys a product or service they’re tricked into thinking is a good deal, only to learn that they’ve made a bad decision. Maybe the item is poor quality, maybe the warranty terms leave you holding the bag, or maybe there’s some fine print that negates the good deal. Unfortunately, this can be true of Charlotte plumbing services, just like any other product or service industry.

Although you can’t always spot a sneaky tactic, you can make yourself aware of good plumbing practices for sales, service, and products. Read on to find out how you can avoid getting the short end of the plumber’s snake (which, if you read our last post, should be a familiar term!).

Do Your Homework

Buying a tankless heater and getting a whole house water filter free, a $99 drain cleaning call, pricing over the phone...these are all examples of marketing and sales tactics that don’t ring true. (Pricing over the phone isn’t realistic—or fair to either the homeowner or the contractor). Companies try tactics like this because they assume consumers don’t know any better. You may not know the ins and outs of plumbing, but you can research the company. Here are a few ways to do your homework and make informed decisions:

  • Home service reviews. Read up! Check out sites like Porch, Home Advisor, Angie’s List, and Yelp as well as the company’s Facebook reviews. Some companies are masters of Google or TV advertising but come up short in terms of standards and expectations. And don’t just look at one site—check out multiple review sites.
  • The Better Business Bureau. Look up a company’s BBB rating. This is a good complement to review sites. The rating will help you decide whether or not you’re dealing with a trustworthy company.
  • Research the issue or product. If you’re able to, do as much research on the issue (or, if it’s a purchase, the product) as possible. It’s like buying a car—the more you know when you walk into a dealership, the less likely you are to be taken advantage of. To learn more about plumbing products, search our blog for details on everything from types of water heaters, drain cleaning products and services, types of pipes and repiping services, etc.

Ask Good Questions

Another way to protect yourself is to ask meaningful questions of a prospective company before you hire them. A few questions you might consider asking, some to the company and some as part of your own decision process, are the following:

Are they licensed and insured?

Is their licensing up to date?

What kind of training do their employees have?

How do they make their money—what kind of business model is it? (If it’s a commission-based business, sales pressure can be intense.)

Do they seem like a viable business that you can contact for support years down the road?

Does your gut tell you to trust them? (Not scientific, but often worth counting on.)

Charlotte Plumbing Services Based on Trust

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Charlotte plumbing services, plumbing scams, bad plumbers

Article Summary

Quick question & answer: What are the best ways to avoid plumbing scams?

The best ways to avoid plumbing scams involve checking out multiple home service review sites on the company. Look up a company’s Better Business Bureau rating. Research as much as you can on the issue or product you need assistance with so you are as informed as can be.

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