Why Charlotte Tankless Water Heater Sales Are On the Rise

Charlotte tankless water heater

Thinking About a Tankless Water Heater? You're Not Alone

In recent years, you may have heard many people talking about a tankless water heater and wondered how on earth a tankless water heater would work.

What is a Tankless Water Heater?

Unlike a storage water heater, tankless ones do not store the water, but use high-powered gas burners to heat the water more quickly as it passes through a heat exchanger. This means less time to wait between showers, hot laundry loads and doing dishes. Since they do not have to store water, tankless water heaters save money by only using energy when the hot water is needed. This can save you around $70-$150 per year for energy costs versus a traditional storage water heater.

What Brands of Charlotte Tankless Water Heaters Are Available?

Here at ER Services, we install many different types and brands of tankless water heaters in Charlotte. We’re giving away a Rinnai for our tankless water heater sweepstakes, but we also install:

Rheem tankless water heaters

State Water Heaters (tankless and traditional)

AO Smith tankless water heaters

Nortiz tankless water heaters

Click on the links to get details on each brand.

Should I Buy a Tankless Water Heater?

Since these water heaters are the latest technology, they are becoming increasingly popular, but should you buy one?

If you water heater has been having problems lately or you are thinking about replacing an old inefficient water heater, then a tankless water heater may be right for you.

Tankless water heaters have the potential to last twice as long as storage water heaters.

They also require no maintenance (where as traditional hot water heaters need annual maintenance or will not last as long or work as efficiently as they should.)

Where to Buy a Charlotte Tankless Water Heater

At ER Plumbing, we offer several great tankless water heaters and will expertly install them for you when you are ready. Contact ER Services today to learn about the models we carry and the services we provide.

Need Charlotte Plumbing Services?

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Learn more about Charlotte tankless water heaters here.

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Article Summary

Quick question & answer: Should I buy a tankless water heater?

You should buy a tankless water heater if you identify with any of the following criteria. You are thinking about replacing an old inefficient water heater. You want a water heater that lasts twice as long as your traditional tank water heater. You want a water heater that does not require any annual maintenance.

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