Charlotte Water Damage Restoration

Have you experienced water damage to your home or business? If you have experienced flooding, a sewer line stoppage, or leaky pipes, you know how destructive water damage can be to your home or business.

Why Water Damage Is More Serious Than You Might Think

Water damage can cause more than aesthetic damage; it can cause mold to grow, which can be hazardous to your health. You might not think mold is a big deal, but it is, and it can become an exponentially worse condition as time progresses. Mold can cause respiratory problems so severe that it can render a home unlivable or put you out of business.  To read more about mold and the serious health effects associated with it, check out this article at LiveStrong.

Water damage can also cause the value of your home or business to plummet, making it difficult to resell later. It can cause clients to take their business elsewhere or make it difficult to entertain or enjoy your home sweet home.

So what should you do if you discover a long standing leak in your basement? What if you’ve put off replacing that leaky pipe and now have water damage? It’s important to address both the cause of the water damage and the water damage itself to protect yourself and your home or business.

Charlotte Water Damage Restoration Experts

Here at ER Services, we’ve established relationships with local top notch water damage restoration experts. That means that we can come in and deal with the cause of your water damage—broken pipes, leaky pipes, sewer line malfunctions or sewer line stoppages. We’ll help you prevent future problems, too, saving you money. Then we’ll call in our Charlotte water damage restoration experts to restore your home or business to its original condition.

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