Charlotte Water Filtration Systems Water Quality Myths and Facts

Charlotte water filtration system

Water Quality Myths and Facts

You probably assume your drinking water is safe because it has passed Charlotte municipal water treatment standards. Learn the truth about the following water quality myths before you dismiss the need for a water filtration system.

Myth #1: If my water has been treated at a municipal treatment facility, it’s safe to drink.

Sure, the water from the municipal treatment facility is made potable (drinkable at a basic level of safety standard), but that water still needs to travel from the treatment facility to your house. Unfortunately, not all water transportation systems are safe. In fact, the average Charlotte household water tests positive for 26 contaminants.

Unfortunately, infrastructure from the treatment center to your home often breaks down. Cities like Charlotte do their best to keep up with cracks, leaks, and water main breaks, but the truth is most infrastructure budgets have been slim these past several years, and not all breaks get fixed quickly. Small leaks in particular may get overlooked for long periods of time, and if water can get out, contaminants can get in.

Myth #2: I live in Charlotte, so I’ll never have to worry about a boil water advisory.

Actually, boil water advisories happen everywhere, in both rural and urban areas. Most people don’t hear about contamination problems or advisories until after the fact – and after they’ve used contaminated water and the problem has been fixed again. That’s why it’s best to have a point of entry water filtration system in place – to prevent a dangerous situation from affecting your family.

Myth #3: My fridge has a filtration system, so I don’t need to purify any further.

In-fridge filtration systems help with the taste and smell of water, but they don’t actually remove or treat bacteria, viruses or microbes. A UV water purification system will take care of the contaminants that tabletop pitchers and in-fridge filtration systems can’t handle.

Considering a Charlotte Water Filtration System?

We know a water filtration system is an investment. That’s why you’ll want to speak to experts to find out what the best deals are. Here at ER Plumbing, we have no interest in selling you the most expensive system on the market. We’ve been evaluating and selling filtration systems for a couple decades, and we know what makes our customers happy. We’ll help you sort through the many options on the market and determine what is the perfect water filtration system for you.

Learn More About Charlotte Water Quality Here

Before you buy a water filtration system, read this article about water quality concerns here in Charlotte. Then educate yourself on what contaminants a water filtration system will remove by reading here.

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