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Charlotte water heaters

Charlotte Water Heaters

Rather complicated and large, water heaters can be easily overlooked in a home. You may not know the first thing about your heater, or how to take care of it. Here are a few things many people want to know about their heaters.

How long will my tanked water heater work?

If you take good care of your heater, a gas one will last for up to ten years and an electric one can last fifteen.

How do I know how old my heater is?

Each tank has a serial number and these can be decoded to when your heater was made. The first four digits of the number are the month and the year it was manufactured.

What sort of maintenance do I need to perform on my tanked heater?

Annually, hot water heaters should be drained and flushed. This isn’t a very hard task and you can likely do it on your own.

Every three years, the anode rod inside the tank should be replaced. If you don’t, it could lead to corrosion and damage. You can do it on your own, and buy the rods at any hardware store.

How long will my tankless water heater last?

Your investment in a tank heater should perform well for 10-12 years, and a tankless heater can last 20 years. It’s a great buy because you don’t have to preform any annual maintenance, nor will you use as much energy as with a traditional heater, so a tankless will pay for itself in a matter of years. However, you will want to take into account several factors before choosing a type of water heater.

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Article Summary

Quick question & answer: How long will my tankless water heater last?

Your rinnai tankless water heater should last twenty years, compared to the 10-12 years of a tank water heater. One benefit is that you do not have to perform annual maintenance. You will use less energy with a tankless water heater and it will pay for itself in a matter of years.

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