Do Water Filtration Systems Really Improve Water Quality?

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Oftentimes you hear on the news about water quality concerns.  This raises some questions with your family.  Is our water safe?  How do we know if we need a water filtration system?  Water filtration systems do improve water quality and remove harmful chemicals from the water.  What types of water filtration systems will work best for my family.  We will answer these and other questions about water filtration systems and whether or not they improve water quality.

Is Our Water Safe?

We may ask ourselves this question a lot lately.  With all the warnings about chemicals in our water, it’s a common question about whether our water is safe enough to drink, bathe in, or cook with.  President Obama’s Anti-Cancer Panel recommends that we filter our water as a way to lower the risk of contracting cancer.  Filtering tap water can lead to a decrease in the carcinogenic and endocrine-disrupting chemicals that are found in the water.  Our skin is a permeable membrane and can absorb all the chemicals found in our water.  This can lead to skin issues as well as other health problems.

What Type of Filter Works Best?

There are many types of water filtration methods, so which one works best?  We recommend a whole house carbon filtration system to filter your tap water for bathing, drinking, cooking, and cleaning.  These granular activated carbon filters can remove up to 99% of chemicals such as chlorine, chlorine byproducts, and other contaminants in our water.  With a whole house filter, you can look forward to improved taste to your water, no more foul odors, healthier skin and hair, longer appliance life, and there will be no need to purchase bottled water again!

Recommended Water Filtration Systems

At ER Plumbing, there are 2 filtration systems that we recommend most.  Both the Pelican water filtration system and the H2O Harmony water filtration products are high quality.  Depending on your personal needs, we can help decipher which system is right for you.

Pelican Water Systems offer:

  • No water waste
  • No flushing or draining the system
  • Low-cost of replacement carbon media
  • No maintenance
  • No electricity required
  • Capacity of 60,000-100,000 gallons

H2O Harmony products feature:

  • Uses activated coconut shell carbon media
  • Low maintenance
  • Reduces iron and manganese, which cuts down on odors and stains as well
  • Elevates the PH of the water to neutralize acid levels

If you choose to install a whole house water filtration system, ER Plumbing technicians are highly trained experts standing by to assist you.  We have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.  ER Plumbing is license, bonded, insured and we ensure our technicians will keep your home clean and tidy while they install your new water filtration systems.

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Article Summary

Quick question & answer: What type of water filter works best?

When it comes to which water filter works best, we recommend a whole house carbon filtration system to filter your tap water. These granular activated carbon filters can remove up to 99% of chemicals such as chlorine, chlorine byproducts, and other contaminants in our water. It helps with improved water taste, healthier skin and hair, and longer appliance life.

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