Plumbers in Charlotte NC: Does Your Drinking Water Look Rusty?

Plumbers in Charlotte NC

Plumbers in Charlotte NC Explain Why Your Water Looks Rusty

You may be horrified to find a gross, rusty colored water coming out of your taps from time to time. It’s disgusting, to be sure, but the biggest question on your mind is probably ‘why is this happening?’ The reasons may vary, though typically the problem would either be external or internal – meaning happening either inside your home or out. Either way, the problem is an excess of iron in the water.


If the issue is outside of your home, several things, generally basic city maintenance or systemic problem, may cause it. Examples would range from water main breaks to nearby firefighting operations or even construction work in the area. Other coloring issues could include depressurizations, maintenance, corrosion or even street cleaning. Generally these problems will color your water no matter what temperature it is and will resolve on its own quickly.


If the problem is on the inside of your home, it’ll usually be when you run the hot water. That means that the main issue is with your heater, which you’ll usually need to call a professional to fix. Your heater may break in a few ways – the glass interior may break, resulting in corrosion between the water and the metal, or your pipes might be rusty and the heat would cause them to color. Sediment can also build up in the tank, causing a rusted color when the heater is in use.

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Article Summary

Quick question & answer: Why does my hot water look rusty?

Your hot water may look rusty if your water heater is rusted inside or you have rust in your pipes. That means your main issue is with your heater, which you’ll need a professional’s help to fix. A heater breaking can result in corrosion between the water and the metal. Your pipes could also be rusty and the heat would cause them to color.

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