Fall Plumbing Tips

The fall equinox was September 22, so it’s official: Autumn has arrived. In addition to fall flavors and leaf changes, the season brings cooler weather. It’s not very cold yet, though...which makes it the perfect time to plan ahead and get your home ready for winter. That's why we've prepared these Fall plumbing tips for you!

Although Charlotte homeowners are spared the harsh extremes winter can bring, temps can dip below freezing often enough to cause problems. Prepare your house now to avoid weather-related repairs later

Inside the House

Here are some indoor precautions you can take:

  • Help those pipes bundle up! Use heat tape or heat cables on exposed pipes, and insulate pipes in unheated areas (garage, basement, crawl space).
  • Prevent drafts. Check doors and windows for leaks and seal them.
  • Flush your water heater, which works harder when it’s cold out, to remove sediment. Sediment can lead to corrosion which can lead to reduced efficiency or even a reduced lifespan for your heater. You can call a plumber to do this or DIY (check the website of your water heater manufacturer for instructions specific to your make and model).
  • Check the temperature on your water heater, which should be set to 120°F for optimum performance.

Outside the House

Tending to the plumbing outside your home is just as important as inside. Be sure to:

  • After the leaves drop, clean those gutters. Clear drainage systems mean you're less likely to have issues as water freezes and thaws.
  • Check outside faucets for leaks or cracks—and call in a plumber if you spot any. Little cracks can cause big problems if pipes freeze, regardless of pipe material. If all is well, cover the outside faucets with an insulation kit.
  • Disconnect water hoses. Water inside a hose can freeze and expand, which can cause the indoor faucets and pipes to freeze (and possibly break).
  • Close the interior shut-off valves that lead to outside faucets and drain water from the outside lines.

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Article Summary

Quick question & answer: What are the best plumbing tips for fall?

The best plumbing tips for fall involve insulating pipes in unheated areas, sealing doors and windows with leaks, flushing your water heater, and checking the temperature of your water heater. Clean your gutters, check outside faucets for leaks or cracks, disconnect water hoses, and close the interior shut-off valves, draining water from the outside lines.

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