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Pelican Water Filtration Systems Review Charlotte Water

One of the best things about the internet—the amount of information available—can also be one of the most challenging. When you’re researching a new-to-you topic, brand, or service, it can be overwhelming to sort through the material and make decisions. Every now and then, we aim to help you cut through the plumbing clutter by featuring a product. Enter Pelican Water Filtration Systems, the #1 best-selling water filtration and salt-free softening systems and our top choice for the job.

What Does It Do?

As you’d expect, it filters your water. This means clean, nutrient-rich good-smelling and good-tasting water for every faucet in your house. Pelican Water Filtration Systems soften your water, too (in fact, the full name of the product we use is the Pelican Water Whole House Filter and Salt-Free Softener®). The system filters chlorine, chloramine, and other chemicals from the water, removes scale build-up from hard water, and prevents build-up.  Pelican Water uses a salt-free softener that’s certified 99.6% effective.

Many systems use down-flow technology, causing water to create channels in the filter, rather than having contact with the entire filter. Pelican uses up-flow technology: Water is forced up from the bottom of the tank in a swirling motion. This causes the carbon filter itself to swirl, and the water has maximum contact with it. Maximum contact=maximum filtering.

What are the Benefits of a Pelican Water Filtration System?

Besides good-tasting water (and coffee, and tea)? The system removes 97% of chlorine up to 1.301M gallons (this isn’t a marketing claim—it’s an industry certification). It’s better for drinking, but it’s also better for your skin and hair. It’s easily installed, doesn’t require electricity or a drain, and doesn’t waste water.

Do I Need One?

That’s up to you! Most municipalities have water treatments that include chlorine and chloramine—good for killing organisms, not so good for your skin, hair, taste buds, and sense of smell. Concerns about chlorine byproducts are valid, too, so make sure to educate yourself about chlorine byproduct health risks as you make your decision. Many people filter their drinking water via pitcher-based filter systems. Pelican takes care of the whole house, including your shower. And it’s ultimately a money-saver, because your pipes are in better shape (and thus last longer), you’re spending less time and money cleaning build-up, you aren’t buying replacement filters for pitchers constantly.

Why Do We Like This Brand?

Pelican has been in business for 11 years, and their up-flow technology is both cutting edge and environmentally friendly. Their customer service is top-notch, too. Not to mention, if you move, you can take your Pelican Water Filtration System with you.

Want to Install a Pelican Water Filtration System?

Call the professionals—that’s us! We’re happy to answer your questions about Pelican Water Filtration Systems, install a system for you, or do maintenance or repair on a system. Fill out our contact form or call us at (704) 859-0510 today.

Pelican Water Filtration Systems Review Charlotte Water

Article Summary

Quick question & answer: What the top reasons to invest in a Water Filtration System?

Yes! Pelican Water Filtration Systems filter your water, bringing you nutrient-rich good-smelling and tasting water. The system removes 97% of chlorine up to 1.301M gallons, making it better for drinking and for your skin and hair. It’s easily installed, doesn’t require electricity or a drain, and doesn’t waste water.

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