Garbage Disposals: How to keep them running

Garbage Disposal

By E.R. Services of Charlotte, NC

Garbage disposals, or food waste disposals, are a handy appliance to own if you cook at home and have a lot of food waste.  It is a convenience like no other to be rid of leftovers from plates, pans and other dishes with the flip of a switch.  But with convenience comes a challenge when something goes awry.  What can happen to a garbage disposal to make it non-functioning? Let’s take a quick look at some issues:

  • Disposal won’t drain- Sometimes a person may put too much food in the disposal.  Upon turning the switch on, there is the sound of the disposal but the food goes nowhere.
  • Disposal won’t turn on- Occasionally an electrical issue with a switch or the wiring will occur and your garbage disposal will fail to turn on.
  • Water leaks under the sink when the disposal is on- Loose pipes and connections under the sink can leak when under more extreme usage like when the disposal is on.

Garbage disposal repair and replacement can be an easy fix or a really bad headache.  If you don't have time and want to be rid of the problem, hiring E.R. Services is always the best choice.  If that is not an option the above troubleshooting tips may help you get by in a pinch.

Calling E.R. Services of Charlotte, NC can eliminate the helpless feeling you get when a plumbing issue like food disposal repair arises.  We are a licensed contractor and we guarantee our service for two years!  We offer you up front pricing which gives you control of the situation. Don't run the risk of cutting off a digit while repairing it yourself, instead use our digits at 704-269-1066 today!


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