Gas Logs FAQ - Part II

How Energy Efficient Are Gas Logs?

On average, gas logs use between 55,000-85,000 BTU’s per hour.

In comparison, seasoned firewood burns at a rate of 18-23 pounds of wood per hour (to put out the same amount of heat).

Statistics from Nashville, Tennessee concluded that average hourly cost of burning gas logs ran about $1.03 per hour, whereas the average hourly cost of burning wood was $1.37 per hour.

That comes out to a savings of 25%!

(Numbers were deduced from 2005 surveys conducted by Tennessee gas companies and firewood distributors.)

Where Can You Install Gas Logs?

Consider installing gas logs in your existing fireplace or hiring a contractor to install gas logs in your master bedroom, great room, or rec room. Gas logs add atmosphere and warmth to any room.

Should I Install Vented or Unvented Gas Logs?

In general:

  • Unvented gas logs put out more heat, create less pollution, and use less gas
  • Vented gas logs smell better, do not require a CO2 detector, and are considered safer (by some) than unvented gas logs

When deciding which type of gas logs to install, you’ll need a professional to come evaluate the following:

  • What type of fireplace you have
  • What size gas logs will be best for your set up
  • How much BTU your fireplace can handle
  • What kind of venting you have available
  • What types of gas logs are legal in your area

Do You Want Gas Logs Installed In Your Home?

You may think plumbing companies only deal with plumbing, but here at ER Services we install gas logs into homes and businesses in the Charlotte area. Contact us to investigate the possibly of installing gas logs into an existing fireplace or a new location in your home. We contract out to restoration experts who can help us carve out the perfect space for your new gas logs, even if you don’t have an existing fireplace.

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