How Can I Tell if I Should be Concerned About My Household Water Pressure?

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Water pressure is one of those plumbing topics we never really think about until we have a problem. Either too much or too little water pressure can often cause problems in a home that are normally merely an inconvenience or annoyance than a true problem. However, you might be wondering; How can I tell if I should be concerned about my household water pressure?

How High is Too High for Household Water Pressure?

If your household water pressure is too high, it can cause potential problems in you plumbing system. It can cause wasted water, leaks and even pipe damage if it is too high. Some homeowners will consider high water pressure to be a good thing. Sure, it makes watering your lawn or washing your car go a lot faster, but it can cause problems. The source of high pressure is generally the municipal water supply in the area. Pressure can be over 100psi and oftentimes can be up to 150psi. Residential water pressure is recommended to be around 80psi.

How Can I Measure My Household Water Pressure?

You can easily test your home’s water pressure with a gauge which attaches on to your hose bibb outside. These gauges cost anywhere from $10 to $25, depending on what model you would like. If your water pressure measures over 80psi, you might want ton consider installing a pressure regulator. While some homeowners feel confident installing one on their own, ER Services has installed many pressure regulators and can perform the job for you.

Who Installs Pressure Regulator for Household Water Pressure?

As we mentioned before, you can install a regulator on your own, but ER Services can perform the job, start to finish, and clean up after the job is complete. If you are looking for a reliable plumber to do the job right the first time, don’t hesitate to give ER Services a call. We can help you prevent costly damage and leaks resulting from high water pressure.

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Article Summary

Quick question & answer: How can I measure my household water pressure?

You can measure your household water pressure by testing it with a gauge that attaches onto your hose bibb outside. These gauges cost anywhere from $10 to $25, depending on the model. If your water pressure measures over 80psi, you might want to consider installing a pressure regulator. E.R. Services can help install one for you as well.

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