How Do I Know if I’ve Got a Leak - Charlotte Pipe Leak Detection

How to Recognize Signs You’ve Got a Leak

Here at E.R. Services we are the best Charlotte pipe leak detection experts. We understand that many homeowners are not familiar enough with signs you've got a leak, which is why leaks go undetected for weeks and even months, driving up water bills.

We’ve been detecting and repairing leaks in the Charlotte area for years. We come highly recommended because we’ve saved Charlotte homeowners and business owners money by immediately determining the location of the leak and then fixing the leak quickly and efficiently.

You may wonder how on earth you’ll know if you’ve got a leak, especially with it being spring and you watering your grass seed and new garden and all. Your water bill may have shot up, and you may blame the garden or your attempts to grow grass in those bald spots for the high water bill. Don’t be so fast to blame your watering efforts; leaky pipes and irrigation systems cost Charlotte homeowners thousands of dollars every year.

Signs You’ve Got a Leak – Charlotte Pipe Leak Detection Tips

If you’ve had a water bill spike, you’ll want to check out the following:

Look For a Charlotte Irrigation System Leak

Most homeowners won’t notice an irrigation system leak for weeks if not months. Others assume the leak doesn’t really matter, not realizing that irrigation system leak is probably costing you hundreds of dollars every month. Irrigation system leaks may be caused by someone running over the irrigation spigot with a car or lawnmower. They also can be caused by kids tripping over the spigot and breaking it. In most cases, no one realizes they broke the spigot, and the water leaks slowly but steadily undetected.

Walk through your yard, checking each irrigation system spigot carefully. Feel the grass or dirt, searching for moist areas. Sometimes you’ll see pooling or a tiny stream leading away from the irrigation system spigot that is broken, but in most cases, the water will just soak into the ground in a two-foot radius around the sprinkler head.

Check Your Yard For Pooling of Water

Sometimes pipes break under the ground. This can cause pooling of water in your yard, a slight depression that forms in your yard or water bubbling up in the middle of your lawn. Check extra-green parts of your lawn carefully, searching for evidence of a leak.

Check Your Crawl Space or Basement For Pooling of Water

Sometimes pipes break inside the house or under the house. Look for signs of water dripping or pooling in the basement or crawl space. Keep an eye out for leaks inside walls as well.

ER Plumbing Uses Only the Best Charlotte Pipe Leak Detection Methods

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Winner of Angie's List 2014 Super Service Award


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