How Old is My Water Heater? And Other FAQ Water Heater Questions

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All of our homes and many businesses are equipped with a water heater, but have you ever wondered: How old is my water heater? Do you know how to check the age of your water heater? ER Plumbing knows the “secrets” to telling how old your water heater is and answers to some other frequently asked water heater questions.

How Old is my Water Heater?

The age of the water heater is generally found from a set of codes located on the water heater. Each company has their own coding system so it is important to inquire on the manufacturer's site about your particular model. We will discuss a few different commonly found brands and how to decipher their code.

Rheem Corporation uses a code that is based off the first four digits of the serial number found on the water heater. The first 2 numbers are indicating the month and the second two number represent the year. For example, if a water heater serial number reads 0904*******, then the water heater was manufactured in September of 2004.

State Industries has recently become part of A.O. Smith, so depending on how old your water heater is, it may read differently.  Before 2008, the water heaters used a letter A-M (not including I) to signify the month and two digits representing the year. (IE B03****** would be February 2003) Prior to 2008, the date can be read using four digits, the first two for the month and the second two for the year. (IE 0510****** would be May 2010)

A.O. Smith uses coding similar to the previous State Industries before 2008. All A.O. Smith water heaters are coded using the A-M (not including I) for the month and two digits representing the year. For example, a heater with a code E09***** is from April 2009.

FAQs About Water Heaters

  • Do I need to perform regular maintenance on my water heater?

◦      Yes, in fact we recommend draining and checking your anode every year. For details, check our blog post about water heater maintenance.

  • What should I do with my water heater if I go on vacation?

◦      It is best to see if your water heater has a “vacation” mode or other mode that does not heat the water while you are gone.

  • My water heater is broken, should I purchase a tankless water heater to replace it?

◦      Tankless water heaters can be great, but it may be best to look at all your options. For more details about the pros and cons of tankless vs traditional water heaters, check out our recent blog post on the topic.

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Article Summary

Quick question & answer: How old is my water heater?

You can tell how old your water heater is from a set of codes located on your water heater. Each company has their own coding system so it is important to inquire on the manufacturer’s site about your particular model.

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