How Roots Can Wreak Havoc

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Roots can wreak havoc on any plumbing system.  They are the cause of many broken fresh water lines and a staggering number of drain and sewer issues.  Rooter service can sound simple; just one flip through the phone book or Internet may land you on one of many sites.  Roto-Rooter, Rescue Rooter, Mister Rooter, Rapid Rooter, and that doesn’t even count that you are reading this page now!  Every one of these companies claim to be the best in dealing with the root of plumbing issues for your drain system.

ER Services in Charlotte, NC takes a slightly different approach. We like to add value to the job by making it about more than just the roots. We stake a claim in our customers’ plumbing issues for life. We have drain and sewer cameras, drain cleaning machines and even high pressure jets designed to scrub your pipes from the inside and leave them in a “like new” condition.  With rare exception, do we limit the extent we would go to keep our customers satisfied and referring us.

Part of handling drain problems is cleanliness.  Our technicians will wear booties in your home and they will set up the work area in a way that will prevent any permanent mess.  After your problem has been resolved and before they leave your home, the techs clean up any small debris that may have been incidental to performing their duties.  Before you pay feel free to walk the work site to verify we have lived up to your standards of clean.

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