How to Choose a New Toilet

How to choose a toilet

When it comes to designing your home, one of the forgotten, yet very important aspects, is picking out a toilet. Various commodes work to accommodate a wide array of individuals’ needs. For efficiency’s sake, 1.6 gallons per flush is the standard all toilets in the United States are currently held to. Since this standard is the same everywhere, all you have to do as a consumer is figure out which style will work best for your needs.

Types of Toilets

There are two main types of commodes: gravity toilets and power-assist. A gravity toilet works by allowing gravity to move excrement through to a sewer system. After pressing the handle, water from the tank fills the toilet, sending matter out through the tubes for disposal. A power-assist commode requires additional force of some sort, which can come from an air compressor.

What is the difference between gravity and power-assist commodes? Instead of relying on gravity, excrement is forced through the system by way of air with power-assist. Either a compressor or pressure tank is necessary for this to occur. Essentially, water flows into a tank of compressed air, pressuring the water to move when someone flushes.

Toilets by Cost

How to choose a toiletWhat specific toilets could be of interest? If you’re seeking something on the higher-end, a commode known as a Zoe Washlet acts similarly to a bidet, washing you with warm water, and also includes a heated seat. Other models by this company, known as Toto, utilize toilet seats coated with antibacterial properties.

A more budget-friendly option, Peacekeeper, works automatically when you put the lid down, completely hands free. Eco-Lite helps the environment by flushing varied amounts of water depending on which of the two levers you push, using less for strictly liquids. This option is great for the environmentally conscientious consumer. Triangle Ultra’s tank is three-sided, allowing for smaller bathrooms to easily accommodate it. If your bathroom is such that floor space is minimal, toilets can be cemented to a wall, with the tank sitting within that wall.

When it comes to choosing your toilet, comfort and cost are priorities. Some of the least expensive toilets are built in two-pieces instead of made out of just one because it takes more work to mold everything together instead of assembling various parts separately. Additionally, toilet color impacts the cost significantly. A generic white toilet costs approximately $150 less than one in gray, for example.

Need Help Choosing or Installing a Toilet in Charlotte?

All of these options can seem overwhelming. Between picking out the type of commode and then delving further into the models associated with it, professional assistance in this decision can be helpful. For further information regarding the best toilets on the market that will work in your home, consult ER services. Perhaps you amassed enough knowledge to pick one out on your own after reading this blog post. If so, we can help you install your newest purchase. Bathrooms with less floor space may require utilizing more wall space. With more intensive processes like these, we would be glad to help you with your latest installation.

Article Summary

Quick question & answer: What’s the best way to choose a new toilet?

When you choose a new toilet, you will want to consider the two most popular types of toilets: gravity toilets and power-assist toilets, and then consider high-end luxury or low-cost utilitarian. Luxury toilets typically come with the following features:

  • Auto flush (sensor flush)
  • Heated seats
  • Disinfectant built into the toilet
  • Bidet
  • Music
  • Auto raise and lowering of the toilet seat cover
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