How to Detect a Leaky Pipe

Wondering How to Detect a Leaky Pipe?

Not sure if you've got a leak, but wondering if your water bill is higher than it should be? Learn how to detect a leaky pipe and lower your water bill.

Follow this leak detection checklist to determine if you've got a leak that needs to be fixed:

* Your water bill has spiked even though you are quite sure you haven't been using more water than normal (try checking it against your water bill from past months, including from the previous year, to get perspective)

* You have noticed water bubbling up in your yard (sign that you have a broken pipe underground)

* You have noticed a soggy depression in your yard (sign you have a leaky pipe underground)

* You have noticed water stains in unusual places (ceiling, tiles, floor, wall) or have noticed mold growing (sign that you have a leaky pipe or fixture behind the flooring, dry wall or above the ceiling)

* You find water in unexpected places (such as around the tub, under the sink, in the garage, in the crawl space)

* You notice one part of your lawn is much greener than the rest of your yard or neighbors' yards (sign you have a leak underground)

Got a Leaky Pipe in Charlotte?

In most cases, homeowners don't find the actual leak themselves. Leaks often happen underground, even under slabs or concrete. Most of the time homeowners wonder for months why their water bill is getting higher and higher. What happens is this:

* A pipe bursts or gets a hairline crack in it.

* Nobody notices or does anything about it, so the pipe leaks water continuously.

* Tree roots, which are designed to search out water sources, grow into the hairline crack, forcing it open.

* The homeowner notices that they have a bigger spike in the water bill or a super green or soggy area in the lawn.

* The homeowner calls a Charlotte plumber for leak detection services, and the leak is finally fixed.

Saving Money Instead of Losing Money to a Leaky Pipe

That leaky pipe can cost you hundreds of dollars in spiked water bills.

If you suspect your water bill has spiked without reason, have the utility company come check the water meter (to make sure it's not broken) and then call a plumber to come check for a leaky pipe.

Charlotte Leak Detection Experts

ER Services uses advanced camera and smoke leak detection equipment to quickly determine if you have a leaky pipe. We carry all the equipment we need to fix leaky pipes (even underground, even under concrete slabs) on our trucks. We'll fix the problem and save you money right away.

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Learn more about Charlotte leak detection here.

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Article Summary

Quick question & answer: What are signs of a leaky pipe?

The following are signs of a leaky pipe. If you’ve noticed water bubbling in your yard, a soggy depression in your yard, or that one part of your lawn is much greener than the rest, you likely have an underground leak. Water stains in unusual places, water in unexpected places, and water bill spikes are all signs of a leak.

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    Leaky pipes can really cause a lot of stress and problems that's why it is best to detect it right away to avoid bigger problems. This is a great source of information on how to detect a leaky pipe. Leaky pipes are a common problem to most homes.

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